Mutilated Kangaroos Deserve Justice


Target: Gavin Silbert, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Victoria, Australia

Goal: Find and prosecute men who allegedly hacked up kangaroos with a knife and left them to die.

Three kangaroos were allegedly bludgeoned and cut up with an extremely sharp knife blade. We need to take action to ensure the people responsible are apprehended in order to prevent other animals from having to endure the same horrific fate.

A witness took pictures of the animals’ body parts after the perpetrators left so that he could pass them on to authorities. Sadly, he stated that the men also tortured and decapitated a young joey.

If the people who did this get away with having committed a crime that is of such a sick nature, many other animals will likely be in danger. Additionally, people who treat animals with this degree of cruelty oftentimes go on to commit unthinkable acts against human beings. This is an especially scary thought when one considers that these men may one day harm or even kill a small child.

Demand that officials do everything in their power to find the people who committed this crime and that they further seek the harshest legal punishment for guilty parties. Helpless animals do not deserve to be treated in this heartless and disgusting manner.


Dear Mr. Silbert,

As you may know, three young men were allegedly recently observed severely attacking and killing three innocent kangaroos. It is important that whoever did this is found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in order to ensure that other animals will not be abused by these insidious monsters.

A man who witnessed the terrifying event took pictures of the animals’ body parts and passed them on to officials. Unfortunately, one of the kangaroos that was smashed up and decapitated was a young joey.

The case must be thoroughly investigated and every effort should be made to ensure that the people responsible are punished harshly. This is especially important since people who commit this level of cruelty against animals usually go on to display horrific acts of violence against other human beings. Furthermore, the next victim may be an innocent child.

I therefore encourage you to make every effort to ensure that whoever participated in this disgusting act be given the harshest legal sentence possible. The lives of many innocent animals and possibly also unsuspecting people are currently at risk.


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Photo Credit: Marcropus Giganteus

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  1. How can you tortue a baby animal let alone any seriously one messed up individual.

  2. janet lynch says:

    Mr. Silbert, please protect your state’s and your country’s otherwise civlilized reputation by doing everything in your power to catch, arrest and prosecute to the maximum degree the sick and dangerous individuals who committed this cruel act of unspeakable brutality and who remain at large. These men are a clear danger to the public and must be brought to justice as soon as possible.

  3. These sub humans need to be caught and arrested. They are a menace to society.These types need to be done away with. When caught they need to be tortured and mutilated just like they did the animals. No medical treatment
    afterwards.Just put them in a cage in the city and let them be an example
    for what will happen to other abusers. These people don’t deserve any mercy at all. There needs to be strict animal abuse laws passed and enforced. No
    exceptions to the rule.

  4. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope they rot & burn in hell!!!
    Signed & Shared.

  5. Mary Mason says:

    If these Kangarooos were kept the way they should have been… this may not have happened.
    If, you are going to keep an animal in captivity, you have to do it right. They have to have a decent place and room to run,plus the food they eat….AND,…….. they have to be protected from any kind of torture that can be perpetrated by sick individuals that have no compassion or decency, that can get into there area. There should have been alarms and guards that protect such vile actions. That way you are properly protecting what you thought needed to be in captivity.
    IF, you can’t protect them…. you have NO RIGHT keeping them !

  6. To torture an innocent living being in this manner is just sick. However, I suppose I’m a hypocrite of sorts because I think these crimes are becoming so frequent and severe, that the people who did it (beyond any reasonable doubt), need to suffer the same. Let’s see how they feel when it is done to them. Maybe if they knew they faced brutal consequences, it might decrease. Don’t think it will stop because you have people who don’t care that they get caught or think they never will.
    Disgusting. To just READ about it disturbs me and turns my stomach. To actually CARRY these sick acts out, you clearly are a subhuman with no conscience.

  7. What a horrible, disgusting thing to do to innocent animals. These people, whoever did this horrible act, are despicable human beings. They don’t deserve to be walking around. They have no heart or soul. They are low life scums and we hope they are found and thrown in jail for a very long time.

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