Justice for Five Animals Shot to Death With BB Gun


Target: Michael Meehan, Chief of Berkeley Police Department

Goal: Find person responsible for the dead animals shot with BB pellets and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

The bodies of five dead animals were found scattered along the road at the Berkeley Marina and were mysteriously foaming at the mouth. Necropsy results reportedly showed that the bodies were shot with BB pellets. A feral cat, raccoon, and opossums were among the dead animals. Police are looking at this as an animal cruelty case and are asking for the public’s help in the investigation.

The cruel person who’s responsible for the suffering and deaths of these innocent animals has not been found. This depraved, cruel behavior towards innocent animals must not go unpunished. Please sign this petition to urge authorities to do everything possible to find the person behind this cruelty and ensure that they’re given the most severe penalty allowed by law.


Dear Mr. Meehan,

Five dead animals, including raccoons, opossums, and a feral cat, were found on the Berkeley Marina. They reportedly had mysterious foam at the mouth, and necropsy results showed that their poor, helpless bodies were riddled with BB pellets.

Whoever brutally killed these five animals is a dangerous, sick individual. We’re asking you to take a stand for these innocent lives and see to it that the person who inflicted this disgusting level of violence and cruelty upon these animals is brought to justice at all costs.


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Photo credit: macwagen

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  1. Skylar Storm Lawren Rudley says:

    Murdering heartless scum should pay with their lives

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      I totally agree. Anyone who does this should just be shot. They are worthless humans that contribute nothing to society other than pain and suffering for innocent animals.

  2. I think more signitures can be achived if your web site remember the name and address, i want to do as much as possible, i got waisted over and over fulfilling the blanks… At least on my part i dont see – remember me?
    Sorry i just had to say i think more signitures will be gathered

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      If you make an account with Animal Petitions and log in your information will be automatically filled in. Mine is.

  3. Other than that, for the topic, what can i say, people make me sick literally. How mean can someone be, i really wish the worst for them and their families, just like those animals suffered and also hAd families – they matter !!!

  4. find these killers now and put them down for good now.

  5. Gene Sengstake says:

    One almost wonders why even bother going after him. The “law” will let him off with a small fine – slap on the wrist – and maybe a day or two in jail. The law will protect worthless scum like him because he is a “human being”. After all “they” were just animals. And as usual – justice will not be served. Animals – in one way or another – always get the short end of the stick. Would you be so bold as to think that one of us who actually care about what happens to animals like this in situations like this could really make a difference? Once in awhile maybe yes – but more often than not – no – – –

  6. BB gun and other weapons must be banned
    Poor Animals defenseless, why so much sickness and hate for Animals once again? catch the bastard and make him pay!!
    BB pellets even in plastic hurt so much. BB gun is sick and so many cruel facts for animals with this shit.

  7. I hope they shoot their eye out!! DO NOT let morons have guns of any sort. Catch this fool and do what’s right. Five to ten years in jail. Lifetime probation ( these are broken mentally ill violent criminals that have an 95 % rate of repeat offenses). Restitution to an organization that prevents sadist and psychos from harming innocent animals. And a prayer of their sad black soul.

  8. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    A horrible crime committed by a horrible person. So glad that the Berkeley Police are taking it seriously.

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

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