Don’t Remove Animal Welfare Standards in Agriculture Industry


Target: U.K. Environment Secretary, Elizabeth Truss

Goal: Don’t repeal animal welfare codes and let the animal agriculture industry self-regulate when welfare standards desperately need to be strengthened instead.

The Environment Secretary of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth Truss, is planning to get rid of current farming guidelines and allow the animal agriculture industry to be self-regulating. This is devastating news for farmed animals, as they would no longer be protected by statutory animal welfare codes. The conditions these animals live in are awful enough. Animals live in cramped and filthy sheds their entire lives, are given no access to the outdoors or even to natural light, and are subjected to painful procedures and mutilations, such as dehorning, debeaking or having their teeth or testicles pulled out without anesthetic.

This matter is extremely urgent as the poultry industry will already be allowed to rewrite its own welfare codes starting April 27. The pig, sheep and cattle industry are expected to follow. Andrew Tyler, director of Animal Aid, has stated that current regulations are rarely upheld as it is, thus any further weakening of animal welfare standards would be “devastating.” Weaker regulations also means more chances of disease and consumers’ health being put at great risk.

Sign this petition demanding that this reform does not go through, and that farm animal welfare standards are strengthened rather than weakened.


Dear Ms. Truss,

Your plan to scrap animal welfare codes is devastating for animals and consumers alike. Animals farmed for meat, dairy and eggs suffer enough under current regulations. If these regulations were to be removed, the results would be disastrous. Farms would be allowed to abuse their animals without respecting any of the vital welfare codes the industry needs more of, not less.

Weaker regulations also mean worse health and safety and less transparency, leading to the return of diseases and scandals such as campylobacter and the horse-meat scandal. Consumers desperately want stronger codes, not weaker regulations.

We demand that you do not allow the animal agriculture to self-regulate, and instead, please work towards strengthening animal welfare standards.


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Photo Credit: Compassion Over Killing

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  2. Not in Britain which has the oldest society for protection of animals in the world

    • Leo – It may have the oldest society for protection of animals but the Torys want to repeal the Hunting Act, encourage the 14% of halal butchers who don’t stun animals before slaughter to continue not stunning, do away with the Wildlife Crime Unit (a huge uproar from the public put a stop to it for now), not to mention reduce the powers the RSPCA has so it cannot prosecute – mainly those who break the law on hunting!!!!!

      And now this, from ……..oh look, a Tory!

  3. michael guest says:

    This is very unacceptable and unfair. Cruelty and abuse to animals can’t be hidden. This proposal undermines protection of animal welfare. Don’t let it pass or become illegal. It’s very important to maintain and strengthen the protections of animal welfare. We can’t let them get away with this!

  4. WTF?!?!?! You’ve GOT to be kidding!!!!

  5. Another downfall in the protection for animals. This is the 21st century where update and modern rules and regulations for the safety and protection of animals should be enforced and mandatory. What kind of society is it that still wants to remain in the old days with old standards and no proper education on the ethical humane treatment for animals. Modern up and stand up against cruelty to animals. Do the right positive thing.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  7. It’s getting worse and worse. I have this feel that they do everything that we don’t want that they do to animals, don’t be surprised if you lose consumers fucking and disgusting industries/farmers. For animals,be vegan for life

  8. THIS is exactly like putting a fox in charge of the hen house!

    Its ridiculous to anyone with simple common sense that letting ANY large for-profit industry “monitor” itself would be a joke…..except to the unfortunate animals who have no choice or say-so in what happens to them!!!

  9. No one seems to have caught onto the fact that this is probably the result of Brexit as I understand!

    These animal protection laws were introduced and enforced by the European Union.

    Brexit: EU looks to increase Whistleblower Protection; UK to cut the right of people!

    Sorry… well for all of us, but if you voted Leave, you done great harm to the welfare of this country everything from the people to its animals!

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