Animals Illegally Sacrificed While Police Looked On Deserve Justice


Target: Bengaluru City Police Commissioner, N. S. Megharikh

Goal: Investigate an animal sacrifice event that occurred despite the presence of a police team dispatched to prevent it.

Hundreds of animals were reportedly sacrificed in a temple in Bengaluru, India, despite the presence of a police team deployed there to prevent it. The police had also reportedly hung a banner stating that animal sacrifice was prohibited at the temple.

Under the Indian Penal Code it is illegal to kill animals anywhere but in registered slaughterhouses. A member of the Animal Welfare Board of India, Taanya Ravi, obtained photographic evidence of throngs of goats, sheep and chicken being brought to the temple to be sacrificed. She says “the sacrifice was conducted in front of the police, almost as if under their supervision.”

According to Ms. Ravi, these illegal sacrifices are occurring all over and this particular case must be investigated and dealt with in order to set a precedent. Sign this petition demanding that this matter is properly investigated to ensure no more animals are sacrificed.


Dear Commissioner Megharikh,

Hundreds of animals have reportedly been sacrificed at the Gundulu Muneshwaraswamy temple despite this practice being totally illegal under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of the Indian Penal Code. This happened despite a police team having been specifically dispatched to prevent the sacrifice from occurring. The police had also reportedly hung a banner stating that animal sacrifice was not allowed at the temple.

According to a member of the Animal Welfare Board of India, “the sacrifice was conducted in front of the police, almost as if under their supervision.” She also reports throngs of goats, sheep and chicken brought to the temple to be illegally slaughtered.

We demand that this matter is promptly investigated to ensure that no more animals are illegally sacrificed.


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Photo credit: Arunankapilan

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  1. michelle taylor says:

    These uncivilized filth-bags need to be wiped off the planet!

  2. Beth Knafla says:

    NO LAW….The police are afraid of people, there is absolutely zero control! What a scary and horrifying place, Satan must live there.

  3. Anita Culling says:

    SHAME ON YOUR POLICE YOUR COUNTRY. Bad Karma will fall upon you for such evil cruelty.
    Where is the Law to protect these animals. KARMA KARMA

  4. Lynne danieli says:

    Backward bastards,it needs to stop now!!! Jesus that poor goat in the photo,doing that. Wish I could do the same to all these animal abusers! Sad fact is as long as humans are on this planet it will carry on.JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS,because some humans are cunts!!!

  5. Estos crímenes en el mundo completo se deben detener por la fuerza de leyes efectivas con castigos radicales. No podemos tolerar más costumbres primitivas e ignorantes. Alto al crimen!!! Esto es imperdonable!!!!

  6. Cynthia Gannon says:

    We can rant as much as we do. We can feel hatred for the abusers who are no different from backyard butchers in the US. But until we force legislation to conform to humane acts of protection for animals, all we do is venting. If we donate to animal charities who act to change animal abuse laws, only then can we make a change. We can’t do it on our own. Check out the charities who are aggressive in shaming legislators to make changes in the law to protect animals. Person by person, state by state, country by country. It starts with just one of us.there are a few who signed this petition.

    • You’re right Cynthia. Petitions go so far but to stamp out animal cruelty there are many organisations with the necessary resources to make real change. I have my chosen charity I donate to regularly, if everyone could do that perhaps animals may stand a chance against inhumane creatures like these.

  7. Amanda Brown says:

    You’re really building up some serious karma for yourself. I’m glad I’m not a fool like you,I don’t karma coming at me like that

  8. imagine a world with no religon! we might actually get somewhere with stopping animal cruelty!

  9. We the people who lived in a civilized part of the world with not tolerate this barbarism to animals.Live in the today not a backward time.Join with the rest of the civilized world.

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