Release Lemurs Captured to Entertain Hotel Guests


Target: Major General Dominique Rakotozafy, Minister of Defense and the Gendarmerie Nationale, The Main Police Force of Madagascar

Goal: Investigate hotels to ensure lemurs are not being taken from the wild and rehome stolen lemurs that can no longer survive on their own to proper sanctuaries.

Endangered lemurs are allegedly being stolen from the wild and kept by hotels for the purpose of trying to make heftier profits. We need to take action to ensure these lemurs will be rescued and to also ensure that no more animals will be taken from their forest homes.

Many hotels in Madagascar attract guests by advertising that they have pet lemurs for people to interact with. Sadly, these animals are reportedly often kept in small cages, or tied up with tight ropes. One hotel was even accused of tying up lemurs so tightly, the animals were left with painful injuries as a result. These particular lemurs likely also became ill because it was thought that they were forced to live in the hot sun without any shade to escape the elements.

Even when lemurs are able to freely walk around hotel property, they have to rely on people for food, making it so they would likely be incapable of finding food on their own if they were ever returned to the forest.

Furthermore, some people who interact with the lemurs come under the false belief that they make great pets. Therefore, when hotels house lemurs and encourage people to hug and play with them, they are very likely contributing to the illegal pet trade.

Demand authorities check hotel properties to ensure no lemurs are being illegally kept on property grounds and that any lemurs found be retired to proper sanctuaries. If we do nothing, many of these animals will likely die horrible deaths.


Dear General Rakotozafy,

It is thought that many hotels are taking endangered lemurs out of the wild and using them to attract guests to their establishments. This needs to be stopped if it is taking place in order to ensure these animals will have the best chance of survival.

Guests are allegedly often encouraged to interact with lemurs that are either kept in small cages, tied up tightly with rope, or running around the property. All of these scenarios create hardship for the animals. Keeping them tied up or in small cages when they are used to running around a large forest area is extremely cruel. Allowing them to run around freely is also cruel since the animals lose the ability to hunt for food on their own as a result of relying on people to eat.

Some guests may further be inspired to buy lemurs as pets after realizing they are able to socialize with them, making it so such hotels are likely helping the illegal pet trade to thrive.

I therefore strongly encourage you to thoroughly check all hotels in Madagascar to make sure no animals have been illegally taken from their homes, to suggest to the proper authority that any hotels partaking in this practice be closed down and to retire any lemurs found to proper sanctuaries. These beautiful animals will likely become extinct in the near future if immediate action is not taken.


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Photo Credit: SQUAIO

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  1. Animals are not toys, nor are they play things that are on earth for the pleasure of “humans”. They are living, breathing, feeling creatures that feel pain and suffering just like people.
    They really should be allowed to take their dignified place in society, which is to fulfill their particular agenda in the biodiversity and ecology of this planet. Believe it or not they actually are needed and as such should not be exploited or harmed for the entertainment of sub-species “humans”!

  2. ANA M FRENCH says:

    certain people don’t have a brain, and would do anything for money. this practice should be banned and penalized. Shame on humans!

  3. Gerard FABIANO says:


  4. What monsters again, leave the Lemurs Alone!!! in thier habitat!! STOP ANIMAL TRADE ILLEGAL PET TRADE HERE
    oh my, it’s horrible i can’t imagine what’s going on for them over there, help and protect them!

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

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