Stop Selling Inhumane Animal Traps on Amazon

Leg-hold trap

Target: CEO Jeff Bezos

Goal: Stop selling vicious body-gripping traps through

Presently, there are a wide range of animal traps available for purchase on Included among them are Conibear (body-gripping) traps and leg-hold traps, both of which are used for “pest control” and other animal-killing projects.

Conibear and leg-hold traps are notoriously inhumane. Not only do they cause extreme suffering for the animals unfortunate enough to get caught in them, but they’re also totally indiscriminate, meaning non-targeted animals (e.g., dogs and cats) are oftentimes injured and killed by these traps.

Although “designed” to minimize pain by killing animals quickly, these types of traps oftentimes result in prolonged suffering. For instance, according to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), a study by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources “shows that it took as long as 11 minutes and 15 seconds for a beaver to become unconscious in a drowning set of a 220 Conibear trap.”

Leg-hold traps use a steel jaw with razor sharp teeth that clamp down on the unsuspecting animal’s leg, resulting in lacerations, broken limbs, dislocated joints, oral injuries, starvation, and shock. The MSPCA states that “for every target animal trapped, between two and three unwanted animals are caught, including family pets. The exact numbers are not known because trappers are not required to report non-target animals caught in their traps.” represents, in many ways, modernity. It is on the cutting edge of advances in technology and marketing, and contributes to philanthropic causes like climate change research and disaster relief. Please urge CEO Jeff Bezos to join the 21st century’s fight for animal rights by refusing to sell inhumane animal traps on his company’s website.


Mr. Bezos,

I was distressed to learn that sells a wide variety of animal traps, including vicious body-gripping “Conibear” traps and leg-hold traps. Both types mentioned are notoriously cruel and inhumane, inflicting extreme and prolonged suffering on any animal unfortunate enough to wander into them.

These traps are often set by people targeting a specific animal, whether for “pest control,” hunting or some other animal-killing endeavor. However, since they are indiscriminate, the traps mostly injure or kill non-targeted animals, including but not limited to birds, rabbits, deer, antelope, sheep and family pets like dogs and cats.

The injuries sustained by these innocent animals are horrific—oftentimes requiring them to be euthanized. According to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals, “biologists consider trapping with unmodified leg-hold traps to be the most stressful way for an animal to be captured or killed.”

I respectfully urge you to reject these cruel and inhumane trapping practices by refusing to sell Conibear and leg-hold traps through Your compassion will save innocent lives.


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Photo Credit: Robert Lawton

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  1. Valery Rhodes says:

    Already a big petition about this, I believe!

  2. i do not shop at amazon anymore until they stop selling traps for animals now.

  3. simon hooper says:

    I would never use amazon again.

  4. Why aren’t these contraptions banned by law anyway? Maybe a petition to the relevant governments would be in order.



  6. What a sick mind that must have been to invent such a horrible torture device!! So how is the mind of those selling it and those buying it?? I feel disgusted only to think that somebody would want to deliberately inflict such a horrible pain to someone. How can you not puke over what these sadist are doing??? How can you behave so disgustingly and think that someone will or should respect you?

  7. Beth Knalfa says:

    Amazon is bad news, cancelled Amazon Prime, NEVER shop AMAZON. Money to AMAZON is all to sacred.

  8. Big business, represented here by Amazon, has no moral compass – their one and only God is profit by any means. Here in France the large retail company, Carrefour, happily sells glue traps for mice, rats, birds etc. etc. which allow the creatures caught to languish for hours or even days before dying.

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  10. BOYCOTT AMAZON & any company that sells anything that is detrimental to innocent animals!

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