Stop Promoting Inhumane Breeding at Dog Show


Target: Rosemary Smart, Chief Executive of the Kennel Club

Goal: Stop promoting the unhealthy and inhumane breeding of dogs and cancel dog show that featured several unhealthy looking dogs this year.

The largest dog show in the world, Crufts, has come under fire for awarding a “deformed” German Shepherd with the “best of breed” title, thus condoning inhumane breeding practices. The dog, named Catoria, had an abnormally sloped back and a painful-looking limp. According to the RSPCA, “many other dogs at Crufts showed visible signs of poor health and/or discomfort,” namely the winner of the Toy group, a Pekinese who was “panting heavily and struggling to breathe.”

The Kennel Club, which organizes the event, states that its aim is to “look after the health and welfare of all dogs” and its motto reads: “making a difference for dogs,” yet it continues to promote dog shows where animals are treated as prized possessions, and rewards breeding practices which severely compromise their health and welfare.

There are far better ways to ensure dog welfare rather than encouraging their breeding when there are too many languishing in shelters already. Thus, Crufts not only endangers the health and welfare of dogs competing in the show, but also of dogs nationwide who are euthanized because of their sheer number. Sign this petition urging the Kennel Club to put an end to this harmful dog show and find a more humane way to promote dog welfare.


Dear Ms. Smart,

The Kennel Club is currently under fire for rewarding the owner of an unhealthy “deformed” German Shepherd named Catoria, who had an abnormally sloped back and a painful-looking limp. Other dogs in the competition reportedly also showed signs of poor health.

Promoting harmful and inhumane breeding and encouraging people to see dogs as prized possessions rather than the sentient beings they are goes directly against your motto of “making a difference for dogs” and your aim to “look after the health of welfare of all dogs.” Crufts not only endangers the health and welfare of dogs competing in the show, but by encouraging owners to keep breeding more dogs, it also results in the mass euthanasia of the countless dogs already languishing in shelters nationwide. We demand an end to the cruel Cufts dog show and urge the Kennel Club to find humane ways to promote dog welfare.


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  1. Shelli Schmidt says:

    That poor dog & every other animal subjected to this pain, it’s got people talking about The Kennel Club & Crufts, maybe they got what they want.

  2. Stop breeding domestic pets!! Thousands of beautiful innocent animals are put to death every day I shelters!! If you love animals STOP the breeding! For gods sake three are enough domestic pets for people to abuse and abondon right now! Stop making a buck on animal suffering!!

  3. Crufts has been condemned for many many years by animal welfare groups but it is owned and run by the rich and elite. What’s left to say!

  4. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Actions speak louder than slogans.

  5. Cynthia Pisarcik says:

    If these people who show and train these dogs really cared about them would not do this. These dogs deserve to be healthy and play and live a full life, not brushed and trained every day of their life. We do not need trophies to show how well behaved our animals are. As a dog lover myself I could care less if other people know how much I love my dog and how good I am to them,and I sure as hell don’t need the kennel club to praise me for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • MANY of these dogs live normal “dog” lives when not in a show…..the point is the changes made to the dog breed appearances based on nothing that is beneficial to the dog, but in fact is the opposite.

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  7. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    unnecessary and totally stressful for the poor animals – all animals are beautiful
    But, it’s all about the money and nothing else

  8. Lajeanne Leveton says:

    MANY “show dogs” live normal “dog” lives when not in shows……the POINT HERE is that the breed standards are determined by the appearance of the dog, and faddish changes to certain breeds, such as the German Shepherd Dogs which now almost ALL have the deeply sloping backs, which were never seen before ?25 years ago or so……this leads to early arthritis, and makes the dogs unsuitable for work as military or police dogs, just for two examples……and its been done to the breed simply because some judge or trainer or breeder decided it LOOKED BETTER!

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