Assaulted Anti-Hunting Campaigners Deserve Justice


Target: Caroline Stewart, Secretary of the Belvoir Hunt

Goal: Condemn the attack of two animal activists during hunt and switch to outdoor activities not involving cruelty to animals.

Two members of an animal welfare charity were brutally attacked while peacefully monitoring a hunt organized by the Belvoir Hunt. The two men, one of whom is an ex-policeman, were violently attacked by masked men on quad bikes. Both had to be taken to hospital for their injuries. Nonetheless, the hunt’s organizers have not condemned or so much commented on the brutal attack and continue to hold hunting events where innocent animals are chased and killed for sport.

The League Against Cruel Sports, the charity to whom the activists belong, has stated “our investigators stay in the background to peacefully monitor the activities of hunts and record evidence if the hunts are breaking the law” and “this attack was completely unprovoked, but it is not unusual for hunt members to become violent if they feel they are being watched.” The hunts the Belvoir Hunt organizes are incredibly cruel and see animals, often foxes, hunted to the point of exhaustion by dogs and men on horseback before being shot dead.

The Belvoir Hunt organizes other non-lethal outdoor activities such as clay shooting and could therefore easily switch out its cruel events. Sign this petition demanding that the Belvoir Hunt condemns this brutal attack and replaces its cruel hunts with humane outdoor events.


Dear Ms Stewart,

Two men were recently attacked while peacefully monitoring a hunt organized by the Belvoir Hunt, yet your organization has not condemned nor commented on the attack. These activists were merely monitoring the hunt from a distance to ascertain whether the Hunting Act was being lawfully adhered to. It is important for you to speak out against these brutal attacks.

Moreover, your organization holds a number of non-lethal outdoor activities such as clay shooting. Why then does it continue to promote cruelty to animals with incredibly inhumane hunts? I urge you to not only condemn these attacks against peaceful protesters who are attempting to protect innocent animals but also replace all hunts with non-lethal outdoor activities.


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Photo credit: Beau Considine

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  1. Natasha polychuk says:

    hunters should be killed!!!!11

  2. That kind of “hunting” is an upper class “sport,” and those pond scum from the shallow end of the inbred/”blue blood” gene pool believe that they are immune to prosecution or retaliation. I would LOVE to see their overprivileged asses kicked ROYALLY!!

  3. If it would have been the other way around, they would be in jail already from the first day serving a 30 years sentence. Didnt some “nice” old hunting men kill a 15 year old boy that protested against fox hunting, running him over with their big car some years ago? there is difference between people and so called people, and some are apparently worth more than others… I bet they will never catch who did it, surprise surprise (I would love to be wrong though..)

  4. Rosemary Anderson says:

    This is a disgrace, hunting banned so why are these backward morons still allowed to go out on so called non lethal hunting. Is it a case that the rich should be allowed to do whatever they like? Or are you prepared to stand up and be counted and bring these backward,cruel morons to justice? Hunting is an obscenity and should never be allowed. All hunters and those that allow them to hunt should be hunted and killed themselves.

  5. michael guest says:

    This was totally unacceptable! You can’t attack people that are against hunting and killing. They don’t deserve such brutality! When animals are in danger, they get hunted, and killed. These protesters shouldn’t be assaulted. I demand that you ban and shut down these unnecessary attacks now and to replace them with non-lethal things instead.

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