Justice for Dog Dragged Behind Car


Target: W.H. “Skip” Holbrook, Columbia, South Carolina Chief of Police

Goal: Find and prosecute person who dragged dog behind a car and left it to suffer and die.

A German Shepherd was dragged behind a car in a horrifying act of cruelty. We need to take action to make sure this poor dog receives justice.

The dog was found fighting for its life behind a building. Its legs, muscles and tendons were completely ripped open. Additionally, a veterinarian who treated the animal said that one of its legs would have to be amputated at some point during its lifetime. Even worse, the dog may die before such surgery can ever be performed.

Despite this horrible tragedy, police have not made it a priority to investigate the case, even though an individual in the same state was recently given a lengthy prison sentence for committing a similar crime. It is important that this case also be dealt with seriously to let animal abusers know they cannot get away with committing vicious acts of animal cruelty.

Demand a full investigation be launched and that authorities suggest the individual responsible be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Another innocent animal is liable to soon get hurt or killed by this hateful person if action is not taken.


Dear Chief Holbrook,

Despite a German Shepherd having been dragged behind a car, an investigation of the case has not yet been launched. It is important that police look into this case to better ensure that other animals will not have to suffer at the hands of this sick-minded person.

Because the dog was apparently dragged behind the car for such a long period of time that its legs, muscles and tendons were completely destroyed. In fact, the dog’s injuries were so severe that a veterinarian who treated the animal said that one of its legs would eventually have to be amputated.

Two years ago another man received five years in prison for dragging a dog behind his truck and another five and a half years for traffic offenses relating to the incident in an effort to send a clear message to criminals that animal cruelty will not be tolerated in South Carolina. Therefore, it is ironic that an investigation has not been launched to try and find the person who may have committed this disgusting crime.

Please do everything in your power to find whoever abused this innocent dog and to further suggest that he be punished to the fullest extent of the law if he is found guilty. Not doing anything will only send a message to criminals that they will not be penalized for committing heinous acts of animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Nickyhannaway

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  1. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  2. Kill them as soon you find them. In the same conditions of course and let them suffer too

  3. Let us know who did this? So we can, oops accidentally pull them behind a car.

    • Dominique Le Frapper says:

      That’s a good idea…

    • Debbie Kanell says:

      i would PAY to see the culprits dragged behind a car and normally I an m NOT Violent but this or these SCUMBaGs need tortyure evil BASTARDS FIND and punish them SURELY someone saw them doing iy????


    Disgusting revolting evil evil lives in the filth bag. I would personally drag the abuser behind my car over a very sharp objects. Person Needs to be tortured. .

  5. I feel same way as others,do same to idot that was done to this sweet pup. Or worse put idot in general so others can do same thing or maybe even worse ??!!!

  6. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    How can anyone want to harm such a gorgeous dog, any dog, in such a horrific way.

    They must have something missing in their brain as anyone who could this is not right in the head.

    They should be found and taken off the streets for everyone’s safety.


    Are you kidding me???? No investigation into this cruelty??? O.M.G!!! If this DUMB ASS MORON{S} can do this to a living, breathing creature what makes the police think it won’t happen again!! This DUMB ASS will not stop. Gawd! I hate STUPID people. what a lovely thought the punishment fit the crime.

  8. Georgina Forester says:

    Cannot understand your reluctance and seemingly disinterest in trying to find this evil, subcretin that enjoys killing innocent, defenseless animals. Are you the same as this inhumane cruel dog murderer?? Do your duty and do what you are being paid for – JUSTICE

  9. What’s the status of this petition/case?

  10. I’ve done 5 combat tours, I have no problem killing all these animal abusers…I have a lot of rage and when I read this sh$t, my Blood boils…rest in peace to all the sweet animals who have been senselessly killed by psychopaths…

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