Punish Man Who Tortured Possum

dead possum by benjamin sTone

Target: Andrew Bridgman, Chief Executive and Secretary for Ministry of Justice

Goal: Seek the harshest penalty for man who tortured a trapped possum with a hammer.

A man apparently approached an entrapped possum in a tree and hit it numerous times with a hammer before taking it out of the trap and stomping on its head with boots. In the recorded video of this incident, the perpetrator zooms in on the possum’s twitching and bleeding body as he slams the hammer into it. The man can also be heard telling the possum that he can’t let it get out alive.

After throwing the carcass into the riverbank, the man then moved on to attack other possums on video. He can be seen shooting a possum out of a tree shortly after the first incident.

This sickening episode documents the nature of a heartless and brutal person. This person began recording before he perpetrated violence, meaning it was not an impulsive act. He planned and prepared to brutally kill this possum while recording every bloody detail. This demonstrates the kind of dangerous callousness that we need to be cautious of in humans, since it is also a likely indicator of abuse against humans.

This crime is punishable by up to three years in jail or a $75,000 fine in New Zealand. Please sign this petition to urge authorities to seek the maximum penalty for this dangerous and heartless human.


Dear Mr. Bridgman,

I am writing this letter to encourage the maximum possible penalty to be enforced upon the New Zealand man who reportedly filmed himself brutally killing a trapped possum. This heartless man planned and prepared to torture and kill this animal and felt it was necessary to film the disgusting incident.

This type of behavior is very revealing about the man who committed this terrible crime. He has not only taken the life of a defenseless animal in an inhumane way, but he showed his potential for future abuses. This man could likely move on to hurt more animals and perhaps even humans, if given the right opportunity.

In New Zealand, the penalties concerning animal abuse are quite steep and should definitely be enforced upon this individual if he is found guilty. Please pursue this sick person and seek the maximum penalty for these senseless crimes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Benjamin Stone

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  1. Gamin Davis says:

    I’m not a possum fan, but I don’t have to be to see how sick this is! Poor little stuck possum couldn’t move in the first place, and BTW *not its fault* that it was brought into a country where people deal with the presence of possums by killing them (humanely or not).

  2. Save an animal kill the abuser.. Watch me give a wild possum a flea treatment at facebook page ‘Aunt B’s animal rescue’….

    • Piece of shit evil to this world anything that can do this to a living innocent creature shall burn in hell and should be a law for us all to go beat the abuser!

  3. The person who had videoed this horrific event should be punished also. I hope both of these sickies get full punishment for their crime against nature. These animals did nothing to them and they were severely injured and killed out of pure meanness. WE ARE NOW IN THE MODERN ERA AND ANIMAL ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!

  4. Rubens Jean-louis says:

    ROT and BURN IN HELL !!

  5. What a sick POS! No mercy for animal abusers! Hang this ass by his balls!

  6. Gabriela Sloot says:

    I feel sick thinking about all this poor animals.
    Evel people should be punished.

  7. Ellis Toscano says:

    Is this the kind of person who is representative of your country. Make an example of the brute.

  8. Can I get a link to the video so I can send it to correct authorities and not Andrew. That picture is not a new Zealand possum. That’s a north american Virginia opossum which do not exist in new Zealand.

  9. Kill the bastard with a hammer.

  10. KatWrangler says:

    I have an upset stomach thinking how horrible this poor animal suffered and died. Since this was premeditated, this shows just how evil this man is, and how dangerous he is. He’s a criminal and needs to be punished to the max – or more. I wonder why we have to tolerate this kind of crap, just because the perp is a human.

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