Protect the Northern Spotted Owl

Northern Spotted Owl

Target: Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Daniel Ashe

Goal: Stop logging project that may kill more than 100 northern spotted owls.

A new logging venture, the Westside Fire Recovery Project, threatens to commercialize over 42,000 acres of the Klamath National Forest, a critical habitat for the northern spotted owl. The northern spotted owl is currently designated “threatened” by the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

If the project goes ahead, more than 100 of these endangered creatures will be directly harmed. This constitutes over one percent of the entire northern spotted owl population, which is currently estimated at 6,600.

The timber industry’s reckless deforestation practices are to blame for the rapid decline of the northern spotted owl. Its population has been decreasing by roughly five percent annually over the past few years—an alarming rate. On the USFWS website, “timber harvesting and land conversions” are cited as the principal factors behind the northern spotted owl’s decline. And yet the USFWS has given the greenlight for further destruction.

When the northern spotted owl’s habitat is ruined, it is forced to compete for resources with the larger barred owl, a rival species with similar habitat requirements. In other words, the northern spotted owl has nowhere to go once its habitat is destroyed. Even the owls that survive the initial clear-cutting will be hard pressed to survive elsewhere. Such is the extent of the negative consequences of ventures like the Westside Fire Recovery Project.

The USFWS has conceded that it will not be able to keep an accurate tally of how many owls are injured or killed by the logging project. Other animals are likely to find and eat injured or dead owls before the USFWS does. Young owls are considered the most vulnerable, as their parents will be driven out by the noise associated with logging.

It is high time that the USFWS began living up to its stated goal of protecting wildlife. Please add your voice to the cause by signing the petition below. The fate of the northern spotted owl depends on it.


Dear Mr. Ashe,

The proposed Westside Fire Recovery Project may very well prove disastrous for the northern spotted owl. By violating over 42,000 acres of the Klamath National Forest, the logging project threatens over one percent of the entire northern spotted owl population, which has been dropping by almost five percent annually.

As you know, once the northern spotted owl’s habitat is destroyed, it must compete with the barred owl for living space and resources. This further damages the northern spotted owl’s prospects for survival and recovery. Given the timber industry’s blatant disregard for wildlife conservation, and given your organization’s stated devotion to it, the Westside Fire Recovery Project cannot be allowed to proceed.

Please stand up to the avaricious timber industry and protect this dwindling species of owl. Do not allow the Westside Fire Recovery Project to devastate more of California’s woodland.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: John and Karen Hollingsworth

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  1. Lajeanne Leveton says:

    The US Fish and Wildlife Service is an enemy to all wild animals…..formed to protect and help them, they are now the MAIN killers of most of them…..they are frankly “in the pocket” of the rich farmers, ranchers, hunters, developers, loggers etc and therefore they have to KILL as many wild animals as possible, despite the ecosystem NEEDING these animals…..
    America’s deadliest government program, Wildlife Services, just released its latest kill tally. In 2014 their guns, traps and poisons snuffed out 2.7 million animals.

    Their slaughter included 322 gray wolves; 61,702 coyotes; 580 black bears; 305 mountain lions; 796 bobcats; 454 river otters; 2,930 foxes; 1,330 hawks and 22,496 beavers. The program also killed 15,698 black-tailed prairie dogs and destroyed 33,309 of their dens.

    Wildlife Services insists on keeping their killing methods secret, but the awful truth has been leaking out. Many of the animals they wiped out were “unintentional” — resulting from their reckless use of cruel traps and cyanide land mines that kill indiscriminately. They admit to killing 990 dogs and cats, but as one whistleblowing employee put it, “We were actually told not to report dogs we killed because it would have a detrimental effect on us.”

    This cruel program is out of control, but the Center is working to end its operations state by state. With the help of our members and allies, yesterday we ended Wildlife Services’ contract in Mendocino — the California county whose old-growth forests have been the sight of thousands of Wildlife Services killings.

    And now we’ve just filed suit in Idaho, one of Wildlife Services’ key killing states. Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has funneled thousands of taxpayer dollars to the agency to liquidate wolves, putting other imperiled species like lynx and wolverines at threat from even more “unintentional” killing. This is a critical opportunity to make a difference in the fight to protect wildlife.

  2. end the logging save the owls.

  3. The USFWS needs to be disbanded. They are probably the reason much of the USA’s wildlife is so close to extinction.

  4. That’s right, USFWS is against animals not with.
    Like the Animal Welfare Standards or other association for “conservation” of wildlife or nature. It’s a fucking joke how they “protect” “conserve” endangered/threatened species…

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