Free Horse Stuck in Stall for Two Years

Magic Karen Ducey

Target: Mayor Michelle Walker of Roy, Washington

Goal: Save Magic the horse from his stall, which he has been confined to alone for two years.

Magic, a 13-year-old Tennessee walking horse, has been trapped in a 10-by-10-foot stall all alone for years. A local animal activist states that they “suspect the horse has been in the stall for more than three years and possibly even four years without ever having been let outside.” The owner even stated that Magic has not been outside in years.

Neighbors have offered to take Magic to their pastures but the owner has declined. Animal control has visited the premise and said “there’s no code that requires the horse to be removed from his stall.” Therefore nothing has been done.

Sign this petition and demand that Magic be freed from his prison. No animal should be alone and locked up for that many years.


Dear Mayor Walker,

A 13-year-old Tennessee walking horse has been confined to a 10-by-10-foot stall for two years. The horse, Magic, has been stuck in this stall all alone for much too long.

Neighbors have offered to take Magic to their pastures, and others have even offered cash in exchange for Magic, but the owner has declined all these offers. Animal control has even visited Magic and say that there is nothing to be done because “there’s no code that requires the horse to be removed from his stall.”

No animal should be forced to live in these conditions. I’m asking you to consider Magic’s case and take action to help this majestic animal. He should not have to live out the rest of his years confined and alone.


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Photo credit: Karen Ducey

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  1. Shelli Schmidt says:

    Why would you hide a Tennessee walking horse in stall for 3-4 years & then refuse help. He must be awful POS to live with, not giving 2 craps about anyone but himself obviosuly.I hope karma bites his ass & bites it hard, the fact that this is legal screams volumes..*sshole.

  2. Beth Knafla says:

    HOW much longer!! What’s going on?

  3. Beth Knafla says:

    Has this horse been SORED? He’s probably mutilated and can’t walk!!

  4. Melissa Prestash Reinhold says:

    There may not be a code or law directly related to the exact nature of the situation but there are laws protecting animals from neglect and abuse. This horse clearly would have suffered some kind of physical injuries being imprisoned in a small cage for 3 years. Horses are animals needing strict attention and social/emotional involement. This horse is tramatized and would need intensive therapy to recover properly. At this point mentally the horse is a state of “institutionalization” and probably so tramatized it wouldn’t leave the stall if you opened the doors. It would be best not to focus on the exact code/law in question but the laws being violated that can be pursued. Everyday that is wasted is another day this horse suffers.

  5. Stacie Stone, RN, PCCN says:

    What are the owners hiding? Why can’t anything be done to allow the animal the fredom of movement and socialization?

  6. No animal should be tortured like that, not being able to walk/run around, that’s cruelty to animals and should be punishable by law beyond our needs his ass kicked and I hope the horse does it

  7. Rebecca Martello says:

    Oh please. Where is common sense in all of this? Perhaps there’s not a specific law that says “horses should be taken out of stalls” but certainly confining a grazing and HERD animal in a solitary state of being can easily be construed as cruel and negligent behavior by anyone with half a brain! It’s a Tennessee Walker, eh? Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s been sored and is crippled, not to mention traumatized from isolation. My barn stalls are 12×12 with an attached round 65′ outdoor paddock…and my horses aren’t the size of Walkers. Animal Control, grow a pair, step up and seize this horse…it has a long life ahead of it.

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