Ban Import of Animal Trophies Into Canada


Target: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Goal: Ban the importation of large animal trophies into Canada.

Trophy hunting, in which wealthy fly-in hunters pay for the privilege of shooting an animal and hanging its head on their walls, is a highly unethical practice. Many countries, including the United States, France, and Australia, have enacted laws to ban the importation of large animal trophies. Canada currently has no such legislation. Allowing large animal trophies, such as lion and elephant trophies obtained on hunting safaris, to pass inside the nation’s borders encourages and perpetuates the sport killing of majestic, sometimes endangered animals.

Critics of trophy hunting argue that the practice differs from ethical hunting, in which an animal is killed for food and waste is minimized, with multiple parts of the animal’s body being put to use. Trophy hunting functions within a framework far removed from that of ethical hunting. In addition to the animal cruelty that trophy hunting engenders, local communities are also slighted in the service of safari hunters, who often claim that their money is doing a world of good in the areas they patronize. Few jobs are created as a result of trophy hunting, and less than three percent of the financial income generated by the practice ever reaches the broader community.

Trophy hunting is selfish, harmful to animals and communities, and exists in opposition to ethical hunting practices. Many Canadian citizens have voiced their opposition to this practice and wish to see Canada join other countries in taking a stand against it. Encourage Prime Minister Trudeau to add Canada’s name to the ever-increasing list of nations banning the importation of large animal trophies.


Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Trophy hunting is a shameful practice that should not be encouraged. We believe that wealthy people paying money (that will, for the most part, never reach the communities where these activities take place) to shoot defenseless and sometimes endangered animals does not constitute “sport.” Allowing the importation of large animal trophies encourages and perpetuates this practice.

Canadian citizens have been raising their voices against trophy hunting for many years. Many countries, including the United States and France, have already enacted legislation to ban the importation of large animal trophies, and we hope that Canada will join this ever-growing list. We, the undersigned, demand that you take a stand against trophy hunting by banning the importation of large animal trophies into Canada.

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  1. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Justin – Allowing any part of a slaughtered animal to enter your country sends the message to the rest of the world that Canada condones murder of the Animal Kingdom whom, by the way, are citizens of this Earth too. You hold a position that allows you to make a difference in the ongoing ‘trophy war’ by banning any and all animal parts entering your country. Please do the right thing here; millions of animals lives are depending on it.

  2. Right. What Kathy Khoshfahm said! I cannot understand why Canada has not banned this barbaric practice already unless you or your family are in total support!

    UNSUPPORT this ungodly practice NOW!!! (or face God’s wrath)

  3. Do you all hunters call yourselves humans ?? You all are so loveless n so evil indeed!!! Animals are GOD’S LOVELY CREATIONS!! Whoever kill animals and allow this cold blooded acts to keep going, SHAME ON YOUR AND MURDERERS !!!! KARMA – WHAT U DO ONTO ANIMALS N U WILL HAVE TO FACE THE KARMA LATER. AN EYE FOR AN EYE !!!

  4. I am a proud Canadian and am ashamed that some animal killer wants to show their so called trophy.
    You want to be a killer of animals move to another country. We don’t want you.

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