Support Ban on Cruel Hunts in Alaskan Reservations


Target: National Park Service Director Johnathan Jarvis

Goal: Support ban on cruel hunting of black bears, wolves and coyotes on Alaskan reservations.

Hunting on reservations is common practice as a form of “population control,” and many of these practices have evolved to be questionable and cruel. In 2015 the National Park Service (NPS) placed major hunting bans on Alaskan reservations. This ban prevents hunters from rousing grizzlies from hibernation, hunting wolves and coyotes with pups present, and aerial hunting, to name a few. This is great news for conservationists seeking more protections on ever-dwindling populations of bears and wolves in America. However, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game deems these regulations to be “restrictive” and are quite miffed that the National Park Service has intervened in what they deem to be only a state affair.

If the idea that such regulations are restrictive isn’t ridiculous enough, the department also believes these bans will negatively impact Alaskan hunters. Forget how hunting mothers and babies negatively impacts the survival rate of wolves and coyotes, it’s all about the whim of the hunter. Of course, the major excuse is that the largest impact will be on Alaskan’s living subsistence lifestyles being further hampered from providing their family with food. Although, there is little logic behind how baiting hibernating bears and killing mother and offspring has anything to do with a subsistence family obtaining food. The argument is brilliant, because it will rally Alaskans behind it to fight against the NPS regulations, because they will see it as an attack against them as a people, rather than a protection of America’s dwindling wildlife.

Despite the outrage evinced by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, these regulations are unlikely to go anywhere. Applaud the NPS for their protection of wildlife, who so desperately need it.


Dear Director Jarvis,

The recent regulations on Alaskan reservations to ban questionable hunting methods might be highly contested by game and fish departments, but is still worthy of applause. American wildlife populations are ever dwindling, and with the mass extinctions faced in 2015 globally, nothing is “too restrictive” when it comes to ensuring wildlife survival.

Thank you and the National Park Service for intervening where game and fish departments are unwilling, and putting a foot down on outrageous hunting practices. There are so few forests and species surviving increasing human population and every little act of protection is a step forward in animal conservation.


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  1. Leave our animals alone — take your cruel, callous, merciless, unconscionable, irrational & merciless ways with you — GET LOST!

  2. It’s getting unbelievable how cruel people are becoming. And for what? GREED. These poor innocent animals pay the price for their love of money. One day they will have to explain their actions.

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Bear baiting, shooting from helicoptors and killing moms with pups in their den is NOT hunting, its MURDER! Please stop this!

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