Shut Down “Zoo of Death”


Target: Indonesian President Joko Widodo

Goal: Shut down Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia nicknamed the “Zoo of Death.”

The Surabaya Zoo goes beyond the standard horrors of neglect seen in other zoos. These animals live in substandard cages until they die of starvation. Photographs show no proper care given to these animals, and with matted coats and protruding bones, they are a terrifying example of human indifference.

Many of these animals are mutilated, others are diseased, stuffed into over crowded cages, and when they die, their organs are sold off illegally. Surabaya zoo truly is a death zoo. The idea that something so infamous is allowed to continue operation defies reason.

These people are turning a profit from the slow torture, murder, and exploitation of wild animals. Despite a local activist group’s efforts in petitioning the zoo be shut down, it is still open. However, a tiger by the name of Melani was rescued from the zoo and is currently recovering well.

Statements made by Surabaya claim they will not be closing anytime soon and the animals under their care have nowhere to go even if they did, because the animals are diseased. This sounds like blatant neglect to keep other zoos or reservations from taking these animals in. Surabaya practically brags that the doors remain open because no one else will take their diseased and dying animals. Surabaya is a despicable organization and needs to be culled.

Think of the lives being lost at this facility. It’s a butcher’s farm and little more. Already tigers and other exotic animals are facing endangerment and extinction. Do not allow this insidious group to make money by destroying lives. Sign and urge the president of Indonesia to shut this facility down once and for all.


Dear President Widodo,

The Surabaya zoo is responsible for many animal deaths and illegal organ selling. They starve the animals in their care and cage them in terrible environments, yet the zoo is still open. An activist group has been working to rescue animals from the facility, but their means are small and the going is tough. The only certain way to save these animals and protect future victims from the Surabaya zoo is to shut it down.

Please, consider the safety of animals already being driven to extinction. Consider the loss of life because of this one facility and shut them down. Do not allow this ghastly torture to go on.


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  1. Wendy Morrison says:

    Stuff these zoo owner(s) into a small cramped cage and put a sign on that “Do NOT feed or give water forever”!

  2. The zoo is only one of many atrocities taking place in Indonesia.

    The massive burning of forests for palm oil plantations, killing all the wild life in them and the skinning of dogs alive for their meat are just 2 other examples.

  3. OMG what the fuck is going on tin these third world countries, starving people, starving zoo animals, skinning of dogs…the owners of this zoo should receive the same fate…only fair an eye for an eye…..starve those MFSEB and forget they are caged and in the meantime find an organization that will take these poor animals from them and bring them back to health….I hate mankind

  4. Rediculous

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