Stop Japan From Murdering Thousands of Minke Whales

Minke Whale_By_Martin Cathrae

Target: Senior Fisheries Negotiator of Japan’s Fishery Agency, Hideki Moronuki

Goal: Cease new whaling program that allows annual killing of hundreds of minke whales.

Japan has sent whaling vessels on a mission to kill 333 minke whales despite international calls for the cessation of whaling in the Antarctic. Japanese officials say the goal of killing the whales is to build scientific research that will ultimately allow for commercial whaling to be resumed. Not only is Japan slaughtering hundreds of innocent whales under the guise of science, but the country is blatantly ignoring the international protections that have been established for these whales.

Two years ago, Japan was ordered by the International Court of Justice to stop its so-called “scientific” whaling expeditions in the Antarctic after the court determined the expeditions were hardly scientific. After a brief cessation of whaling, Japan has created a new program called NEWRP-A, which is a 12-year research program scheduled to last until 2026 or 2027.

Under this new program, Japan plans to kill 333 minke whales in the Antarctic every year, totaling just under 4,000 whales that will be slaughtered during the duration of the program. This new program is just another smokescreen in which Japan says it is killing whales solely for scientific research, and yet whale meat will likely continue to be found available to eat in Japan.

A moratorium on commercial whaling has been established for good reason. It is essential that whales be protected from inhumane whaling practices, and it is unacceptable that Japan continues to ignore international regulations protecting our oceans’ whales. Please sign the below petition to show your support for the minke whale by demanding Japan cease its newest attempt to murder them in the name of research.


Dear Mr. Moronuki,

I am writing to insist that your agency immediately cease slaughtering minke whales in the Antarctic. While I know Japan states that the killing of these animals is in the name of research, it seems highly unlikely that killing hundreds of these whales every year is in some way going to support their survival. By continuing to kill these whales in the Antarctic, your agency and country are not only inhumanely attacking the minke whale population, but you are doing so in waters where they are internationally protected.

There has been an international moratorium on commercial whaling for good reason. After decades of whaling, whale populations were in steep decline, and we were in danger of losing various whale species to extinction. Even though other nations had profits to be made through the continuation of commercial whaling, they have respected the moratorium and have ceased killing whales. Japan can only benefit if it chooses to stop killing minke whales, as it will ally itself with other nations who are trying to be a part of the protection of these beautiful animals.

I know that it is extremely difficult to cease something that likely turns a high profit. But continuing to murder innocent minke whales in waters where everyone else is working so hard to protect them is unjust and inhumane. So please, make every effort to do the right thing and put an end to this new program so that no more minke whales are unjustly slaughtered.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Martin Cathrae

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  1. Catherine Jenereaux says:

    Research, what kind of research would require hundreds of whales to be slaughtered. They are using them for food and other biproducts. The world is not stupid and with technology these Countries and Organizations cannot hide what they are doing in the name of research. Stop the senseless slaughter. The demise of earth’s creatures is at the hands of humans.

  2. Japan, you have come a long way to differentiate yourself from ever having any linage of the Chinese, you have gone through alot to shake off that negative image of WWII. It’s time to stop this whale eating ‘tradition’ of yours too. Give them a chance to live, you have the greatest invention of of “Instant Noodle’, so that is one example of humans not needing to kill to survive.

    Please do not be like barbaric power hungry China, and there will still be people supporting you.

  3. How can any country so blatantly lie about something of such
    importance, and actually be believed by anyone with common
    sense? It’s painfully and ludicrously obvious that Japan just
    wants to kill whales for profit, as they have always done with
    any animal they want to — when will our world take animal
    exploitation seriously? And considering this part of the
    Southern Ocean is supposed to be a whale sanctuary, why is
    nobody but the volunteer Sea Shepherd organization out there
    trying to stop the killing? The way our world treats animals
    (and loses its soul in the process) is a disgrace to the
    entire universe….

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