End the Lifelong Abuse of Cows By the Dairy Industry

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Target: Food and Drug Administration Executive Stephen Ostroff

Goal: End the lifelong abuse of dairy cows including over-milking, over-breeding, and tearing newborns away from mothers.

Dairy cows spend the entirety of their short lives emotionally distressed and abused, often producing puss-filled milk because their udders have been milked to the point of infection. The milk that we believe is so good for us comes from violated, abused, and emotionally distressed cows. In fact, the dairy industry has convinced us that we need milk for stronger bones. They do this by funding “pro-milk” propagandas at places like school where they do everything in their power to make sure that milk is on the menu.

Cows only produce milk when they are pregnant or have new-borns to feed. The milk industry constantly impregnates the cows with a long tube as soon as they are one-year-old so that they will start producing milk. They are then constantly kept pregnant with only a couple of months between calves.

Through obvious behavioral signs of distress, the mothers mourn the loss of each of their calves for days. Their newborns are taken away immediately, every single time. When the dairy cow is too exhausted to continue producing milk, she collapses (usually after only about four or five years) and then she dragged out by any means necessary and killed for beef.

Dairy alternatives have great health benefits and help end the increasing supply of suffering dairy cows. There are many alternatives to pick from that the dairy industry doesn’t want you to know about–almond, soy, cashew, coconut, hemp, rice, etc. Stop the torturing of these gentle animals by demanding an end to the dairy industry.


Dear Mr. Ostroff,

The dairy industry has convinced us all that milk is good for us. Maybe your own child is being raised to believe that drinking a cow’s milk is healthy and natural–it isn’t. How can something that comes from violated, abused, and emotionally distressed cows be truly good for anyone?

Cows only produce milk when they are pregnant or have newborns to feed. Their newborns are taken away immediately, every single time. Dairy cows spend the entirety of their short lives in metal stalls with uncomfortable tubes attached onto their udders sometimes producing milk containing puss because their udders have been milked to the point of infection.

Dairy alternatives would not only increase the nation’s health benefits but end the increasing supply of suffering, gentile cows. I demand and end to the dairy industry and implementation of more humane “milk” alternatives.


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Photo Credit: ITV News

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  1. I enjoy milk and use it for a source of protein, the other alternatives you have mentioned don’t provide appreciable protein.
    I do however think the majority of dairy farms, particularly factory farms, are horrible places and no living thing should be subjected to the unrelenting, detestable abuse that goes on there.
    I believe the factory farms should be shut down.
    However, I believe the farms should be highly regulated to abolish such practices such as keeping cows pregnant,
    tearing young calves away from their mothers at young ages, and the filthy conditions requiring prevention antibiotics and much more is ended.
    We need to go back to the family farms of yesterday.
    Stop the false propaganda. And I quess, because of the
    evil of mankind, there needs to be regulations to make sure the horrible practices of today are not carried into the future. And ag-gag laws need to be illegal.
    We need whistleblowers because of the evil and abuse of mankind to animals.
    All of the alternatives you mentioned are NOT good replacements. Soy milk in this country is a GMO product.
    It also has isoflavones, which are not good for us.

    • Read labels and only buy milk abd dairy products from pasture raised or humanely raised cows That will help improve conditions for the animsls bc it attacks big company wallets Abd look for family farm products and produce to support better conditions for farm animals

      • There is no such thing as humanely raised cows. All farms,whether organic, homesteading, small, etc. will consistently rape the cows to keep them pregnant and take the calves away to an out door enclosure away from the mother when female. When male they will never get to drink the colostrum and are either killed outright, send to livestock auction or left to starve.

        Here is the story of one sweet calf
        from Squash blossom sanctuary and please give to the fundraiser:
        Baby came into our lives very unexpectedly on Saturday, 7/9/15. A local, like-minded friend was notified about his presence at an auction, and he “purchased” Baby, knowing that if he was bought by any typical rancher, he would be slaughtered/left to die alone/etc. You can see what Baby looked like when he came to us, on his 15th day of life.
        He was obviously incredibly malnourished, but that was the least of his issues. His backside had been covered with caked-on diarrhea for so long, that clumps of fur from his backside, tail, and legs came off in my hands when I cleaned him. He had open, bleeding sores in- and outside his rectum from the non-stop, violent diarrhea. I asked our farm vet about the blue dye around his rectum and tail, and I was informed that that was from a chemical dip used when an animal has maggots growing in its anus. Every single one of these issues could have been easily avoided simply by leaving Baby with his mother for an appropriate amount of time, or by ensuring appropriate, basic healthcare if that were not possible. Unlike humans, cows don’t have their needed antibodies when they’re born, but they get them from their mother’s first milk (colostrum) or from a separate colostrum dosage. If Baby had had access to these antibodies during the first 24 hours of his life, he would have had the strength to fight infections and heal. Had she been allowed to stay with her baby, the mother cow would also have kept Baby’s backside clean, so the flies and maggots would never have become an issue. Again, if there was a complication with Baby’s mother, any responsible farmer would have easily maintained an appropriate level of sanitation in his living area. Separately, both ear tags were done horrifically. They were both incredibly infected, oozing and bleeding. The permanent metal tag in the posted picture is ALREADY significantly too tight, and Baby was two weeks old at the time!
        We were beyond thrilled at the chance to give this sweet, beautiful, innocent creature the love, care, and respect he so deserved. My fiance took the picture of me lying in the barn with Baby during his first night with us.

        At first, we set him up in the barn with some friendly, young chickens, but his little body couldn’t handle even that amount of environmental stress. He fell down without clear cause, and his eyes were filled with pure fear when I found him like that. His already weak body quickly got weaker and weaker, through our 4 farm vet visits and round-the-clock care. Baby’s body couldn’t fully utilize the food and fluids (formula) we gave him, and even the multiple doses of oral and intravenous fluids our vet provided couldn’t keep him hydrated. It was incredibly hot that week, so we moved Baby into our bathroom, which we made into a makeshift nursing facility. We sterilized the room, covered the floor with new hay, and set Baby up in front of a big, quiet fan, which he absolutely loved. At this point, he could only occasionally stand up, and he needed assistance to do that. Our vet came back again and fitted Baby with a catheter in his neck so that we could give him fluids at more regular intervals. We hung the bag of fluids on our towel hooks and began to give him intraveous fluids every 1.5 hours. We maintained 24-hour care by taking shifts and trading off, of course also taking care of the rest of our brood. When I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, I would set a sheet down next to Baby and spoon him while I snatched a moment’s rest. I wish I could show how soft and cuddly he was through a picture. Baby LOVED physical affection. He loved to be held and brushed and cradled. He loved to touch noses. He loved to suckle on my finger, elbows, hair, face, etc., even when he wasn’t hungry. He also showed more gratitude for and understanding of the love and care we gave him than any other animal I have ever had the pleasure to know.

        It became clear that no matter how much we loved this little cow, and no matter how much medical care and attention we gave him, he just hadn’t been given the necessary ingredients to fight what was happening to his body. He couldn’t hold himself up. He came to not be able to hold his head up on his own. He would still occasionally suckle from the bottle, and he still responded to physical touch. Baby’s organs began to fail, and all we cared about was making him as comfortable as possible, giving him immeasurable amounts of love, and trying to help him not be scared. We were still trading off shifts, and we were only in the room with him at the same time in passing. Finally, we were in with him together, and it was as if he was waiting for both of us to be with him. With both of our arms around his little body, Baby finally let go on the 21st day of his life, and his last look was one of peace, without a glimmer of fear.

        • Annemarie Ansel says:

          People like you and your friend make this world a better place for all. Thank you allowing baby to experience the love he so deserved before leaving this earth.

        • Thank you for being a “true” human and making this little guy’s life good while on this earth for such a short time. The world is so cruel. I feel so sorry for all the animals that have to live like this on this awful earth.

        • THANK YOU XXX

    • I think you’re being somewhat naive.

      Maybe you should read the 2nd paragraph of the letter again. Cows have to be pregnant in order to produce milk, and the calves have to be taken away from their mothers otherwise they will drink the precious milk instead of you.
      You really cannot have cows milk without a cow being pregnant, and that means they get raped again and again and again until they are so exhausted they get taken off to the slaughterhouse.

      There are several ways to get your protein – beans, peas, chickpeas have a decent amount of protein. Not all soya milk contains isoflavines and not all are GM either. It’s a matter of looking for the good ones if one can be bothered.

  2. Sandra Iseman says:

    We are vegan and neither my 2 year-old, nor my husband, nor do I (a breastfeeding mom) need animal milk. We are all healthy and thriving living on a plant-based diet alone! Vegan is compassion, inclusive, and affordable. It won’t ruin the planet and there will be enough food for everyone! Come join us!

  3. Please bring back kindness and compassion for the wonderful cows, horses, Bulls, donkeys, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, pigeons, doves, foxes, wolves, and all the other animals and birds who share our world.

    All are God’s creatures. We must treat them with gentle kindness and respect. To abuse the trust they place in us is abhorrent and heartbreaking.

    Wake up world! Stop this abuse now.


  5. Une sainte soeur bovine doit élevé son enfant libre de toute persécution.La terre hurle de douleur de voir les primates humains faire de la souffrance avec de L Amour.

  6. karen swanson says:

    You don’t need milk from animals to get enough calcium
    or protein. Some countries never drink milk from animals. The right foods will provide people with all the calcium and protein they need. Ask a nutritionist and they will tell you how eating non dairy and certain veggies and nuts can be better for you. A lot of doctors are recommending an all plant based diet now.

  7. Not getting enough protein from sources other than dairy is untrue. Obviously you need to do your homework, Joyce.

  8. How in the world have we become so CALLOUS??? We humans have caused more suffering of so many animals…When does this stop???

  9. So true, Joan….this is why I like animals more than most people. People are the most cruel of any creatures on the earth!

  10. Alice Cheang says:

    This is no surprise. Greedy evil “humans” would do anything to exploit animals for profits and gains. Even with cctv proofs, often factory farms and slaughterhouses managed to get away with severe animal cruelty. The brutal torture methods adopted are beyond belief. This petition will create public awareness and set off a chain reaction that helps to decrease the number of unnecessary animal abuse and cruelty cases. ANIMAL ABUSE IS A CRIME AGAINST SOCIETY” in today’s context and we must pressure the relevant authority to enforce stricter animal welfare laws. People are beyond outraged and request an end to senseless and cruel mistreatment of farm animals. It is time to shut down horrific facilities that violate standard practice.

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