Punish Man Charged with Injuring Seven Dogs

Dogs Fighting by Steve Baker

Target: Chenango County District Attorney, Joseph A. McBride

Goal: Punish man charged with overdriving, torturing, or injuring an animal to the fullest extent of the law.

A New York resident faces animal cruelty charges for the seven severely starved and wounded dogs found behind his property. They were chained up in a wooded area without adequate shelter, water, or food. Officers also noticed terrible bruising and wounds on the dogs, which indicates they might have been used for dog fighting. The owner, Anthony Thompson, has been charged with a misdemeanor for neglecting the animals.

The dogs were so severely malnourished that they turned to licking ice in order to get some water into their bodies. They were weakened by the lack of food and were covered with scars. Matthew Bates, one of the dog control officers who saved the seven pit bulls, described the scene as one of the worst cases he has ever worked on.

He was happy to find that the dogs were friendly toward him when he approached, but once put together, the dogs became more aggressive toward each other. This further fed his suspicions that the dogs may have been bred for fighting. The Chenango County Sheriff’s Department agrees that the dogs show signs of dog fighting and is investigating the possibility.

Dog fighting not only puts these dogs at risk when under Thompson’s care, but also make it difficult for them to be adopted out to future families. As a result, these dogs may have to be put down through no fault of their own. Add your name to this petition to encourage the district attorney to ensure a proper investigation is done, and that if found guilty, Anthony Thompson is punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. McBride,

A man was recently charged in your county for the terrible treatment of seven pit bulls. All seven dogs were found in a wooded area behind his home and were chained up without access to adequate shelter, food or water. In fact, the dogs’ only source of nourishment seemed to be the ice and snow they were licking at for sustenance.

The dogs were also terribly bruised, wounded and scarred. When kept apart, the animals were friendly toward the volunteers, but once put together, they became very aggressive toward each other. This leads both the rescuers and the Sheriff’s office to believe the dogs may have also been used in dog fights.

New York has gotten off to a bad start this year, with several cases of animal cruelty that have made the news and even gone viral. Help set your county apart from the rest by taking a stand for animal rights. I urge you to ensure a thorough investigation is done, and that the owner, Anthony Thomson, is punished to the fullest extent of the law for his actions if found guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Steve Baker

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  1. simon hooper says:

    these nasty bits of scum should be dead, lets hope the filth dies a terrible death.

  2. This is more serious than a mere misdemeanor. This POS will do this again to more dogs. The dogs will end up euthanized because no one will take the time to rehabilitate them or take the chance on adopting them out. This sociopath needs to die from a freak accident.

  3. What a heinous crime of violence and cruelty against animals. In the name of greed, money and exploiting of these dogs. They abuse them from the moment they get them, usually as puppies. The dogs live a life of neglect and abuse, this cruelty causes pain and suffering on a daily basis every day of their lives. They are made to fight or be killed. At times killed or left to die from horrific wounds. This is a crime of animal abuse, leading to death and gambling. It’s hell on earth for these dogs who then are unjustly treated by the public because of what those dog fighters did to them. It’s just so wrong. Just because they want to make as much money as they can no matter who it hurts rather than getting a job and being a productive part of society. Disgusting!

  4. Law enforcement needs to punish this SOB, Anonthy
    Thompson, he doesn’t deserve to live!!!!! these innocent dogs do not deserve to be starved and treated this way.
    JAIL TIME should be a must. Please give the max penalty.

  5. renate botzler says:

    Best Wishes to you my friends and Great Protection ?
    Special candle for you ?
    Nature treats back now ?
    Takeresponsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now ?

  6. Tracey Callison says:

    When is enough enough? People need to be responsible for their actions and punished accordingly. Any abuse of an animal, person, or child deserves the maximum penalty with no leniency. This is the reason Society is the way that it is and we have the current problems we have. People continuously get away with doing atrocious acts of Cruelty without repercussions. Until are judicial system decides that these criminal acts deserve the maximum penalty, society will have to continue to deal with these situations. Someone please step up and do the right thing! Any person with any common sense and morals realizes that our legal system is not worth it’s time, money or effort

    • Well said Tracey. All these monsters need to be either off the streets or out of this world altogether. Animal abuse has become a worldwide epidemic.

  7. kay allan says:

    what scum, i just hope he gets what he deserves in his life time, and it is really painful, and the dies in agony

  8. Let’s hope this POS is killed in prison because you know he’ll continue to abuse dogs once he’s free.

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