Punish Woman Arrested for Seven Counts of Animal Cruelty

Pitbull by Richard Masoner

Target: Colorado Attorney General, Cynthia H. Coffman

Goal: Punish woman who reportedly abandoned her pets in her former residence after moving out for three months.

Four pit bulls and three turtles were reportedly found abandoned in a home without proper food, water, or outdoor access. A mail carrier first noticed barking coming from a house with broken windows and notified the police. When they arrived on the scene they found that all three turtles inside had died and that three of the four dogs had been starved down to skin and bones.

After being granted a search warrant, the police were able to take proper action. When they reached out to the Humane Society for help, they learned that the owner, Crystal McIntosh, was already under investigation for animal cruelty. The Humane Society provided what assistance they could and took the four surviving pit bulls to provide well-needed care.

While the officers were present at the house, McIntosh reportedly stopped by. She informed the police that she no longer lived at the address and that she and her family had moved out three months before. In fact, both the water and electricity on the property had been turned off. Police arrested her for seven counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

Help put this woman behind bars for a long time by adding your name to the petition. The fact that three of the animals had died and another three had become emaciated speaks to the fact that she did not check on the animals sufficiently to ensure their safety and survival. This is not just cruel, but illegal.


Dear Mrs. Coffman,

The Fountain Police Department recently arrested a woman named Crystal McIntosh on seven counts of animal cruelty after finding four starving dogs and three dead turtles abandoned in her former residence. McIntosh and her family had moved out of the house three months earlier and had abandoned the pets in the home.

The animals allegedly remained there without food, water, heat, or outdoor access until a mail carrier noticed broken windows and the dogs barking inside. He notified the police, who then contacted the Humane Society to enlist their help. That is when they learned that the Society has already been investigating McIntosh for animal cruelty. The Humane Society took the four surviving pit bulls, three of which showed signs of starvation.

We urge you to ensure that a thorough investigation is done and that a heavy sentence is given to McIntosh for her cruelty to animals. These animals could not care for themselves under the conditions they were left in and would have died if the mail carrier had not noticed them in time and notified the police. Three already had.

Deliberate crimes of this nature should not go unpunished in Colorado. Make a stand for animal rights concerns by ensuring she is punished to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious

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  1. This bitch deserves to be thrown in prison without food & water. Let her rot in her own filth!

  2. There are no excuses that could be made for this person’s stupidity and cruelty. She should be punished to the fullest extent and then some! How about letting her go without food and water for the same amount of time while she is locked up in a jail cell. Turnabout seems fair to me!

  3. Yvonne Coffey says:

    If this is your sister, Did you help her? Did u give her water food, maybe pay a bill? Obviously not. WHY did she not give the dogs to a shelter for safety? I believe you are lying and trying to give excuses for her negligence. She was already under suspicion for animal cruelty, had she done this before?And if she was evicted, how was she allowed to leave her animals there, did the landlord after evicting her just say, Hey no biggie, let the dogs stay? Don’t you think he would’ve wanted to re rent the place ? Too many questions that haven’t been answered.There are food pantries, gov. Assistance,help with heat, and people that wouldve helped.and if the animals were fed every day, why did the turtles die&why were the dogs emaciated your reasoning is total BS to me.u mention humanity,don’t try and put this on others.

  4. Devon Mcintosh, I’m assuming you are related to these worthless people. you have the same last name and you seem to be very upset for people speaking their opinion, why are you so bothered by this if you are not related ? anyway if these animals were being fed and given water, then why were their dead turtles and emaciated dogs? as for their children being without electricity and water, that is child abuse. if they did not have money, they could have went and got public assistance. they would have received help just because of the children. people need to stop making excuses for bad behavior.

  5. You’re a backwards uneducated ignorant POS, Deven McIntosh. If you are related to these worthless animal cruelty abusers, I suggest you defend them like you want to by posting YOUR address, instead of asking others to do this. I would also suggest standing 10 feet outside your property so those of us that you threaten can claim self defense, and put your worthless a@@ and those that did this in an abandoned property belonging to the city, without food water or any other means to survive and observe through a camera while you rot there first, before you rot in hell.

  6. These dogs had the best dog house on the block. If they were running the streets the humane society would have picked them up and probably killed them because they are pit bulls. The authorities were called for the children and the state found it a fit place to live. If it’s good for a human why wouldn’t it be good for a dog? It was cold and without electricity/ heat those turtles died. Yes, she should have put the turtles outside maybe they would have crawled under ground and survived, or she could have given them away. She loved those animals and wanted to keep them, but couldn’t take them to the home of her friend. She went and gave them food and water…you really think dogs can survive 3 mos with nothing? There were 4 pits and 3 were underweight I believe because one was probably eating more than the others. Of course we are related he says it’s his sister in the post. His anger comes from people threatening death, over dogs, and getting so worked up when the state said it was a good enough home for children. “Have some humanity.” Also, this woman is a mother who has children, who can read…and you’re threats of death are ridiculous. They affect innocent people more than the person you’re threatening. You reap what you sow and she will have to deal with the consequences of her actions, you too will have to reap the hatred that you spew. All he is asking is that you not listen to the hype, use your brains and be humans first. There are more worthy causes to talk about, speak out against, and write petitions for, this isn’t one of them.

  7. Give her at least 10 years in prison. No early release. Make her pay a fine of at least $5,000 to be given to the agency that is helping those poor starving dogs. she should be on an animal abuse registry for life with pictures of her and the animals she tried to starve to death. she is a wicked evil person and should not be allowed to ever own another precious animal.

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