Baby Kangaroos Run Over and Left to Die Deserve Justice


Target: Andrew Colvin, Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police

Goal: Find and prosecute person who is thought to have left 17 kangaroos to painfully die after running them over.

Seventeen kangaroos were heartlessly run over by an unknown driver, according to authorities. We need to take action to better ensure that this apparently sick individual is caught in order to better ensure that other animals will remain safe.

The RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) said that most of the animals killed near Brisbane, Australia were baby kangaroos. Authorities also found evidence of tire tracks going toward the grass, an indicator that whoever committed this act did so purposely.

The person who did this is likely dangerous and further capable of hurting other animals. Studies have even found that many people who commit heinous crimes against animals also go on to commit other disgusting acts against people, including innocent children.

Additionally, kangaroos eat dry grass making it less likely that a bushfire will ignite. Therefore, killing these animals is not only cruel, but doing so can also potentially cause a great amount of harm to the environment.

Demand officials do everything possible to find whoever committed this thoughtless crime and that they further suggest that this individual receive the maximum punishment under law. Animals do not deserve to be killed simply because they exist.


Dear Commissioner Colvin,

A person is thought to have killed 17 kangaroos by running them over. It is important that this person is found and prosecuted in order to better ensure that other animals will be safe in the future.

According to the RSPCA, most of the animals killed were young joeys. It is likely that the animals were killed on purpose, as tire tracks were seen to veer off in the direction of the grass where the animals were dwelling.

If a person is capable of committing such a hateful act, he is likely also capable of hurting other innocent animals. In addition, many people who commit unthinkable crimes against animals are also later arrested for committing unfathomable crimes against human beings.

Furthermore, because kangaroos eat dry grass, they help ensure that less bushfires will occur. Killing 17 kangaroos therefore also has the potential to indirectly harm the environment since the deceased animals are no longer able to perform this task.

For these reasons, I encourage you to keep this case open and to further suggest that whoever did this receive the harshest legal sentence under law if the person is caught. These animals were standing on the road minding their own business; they did not deserve to be run down in cold blood.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Russavia

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  1. Christine Bennett says:

    Accountability is demanded of Government to represent the Australian community on behalf of animal welfare. This is not acceptable in any compassionate society.

  2. Patricia Hostetler says:

    What is wrong with you!!!

  3. Someone needs to run over him/her and leave them to die a slow painful death.

  4. Nature treats back now ? bastards
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now

  5. Simon Validzic says:

    In addition to individual, illegal acts of killing of native animals, I campaign against the commercial killing of kangaroos and non-commercial killings by farmers, which take place with the permission of the government. Ofcourse, I also campaign against the killing of native animals in Croatia and around the world. I am also opposed to the killing of farmed animals for meat and I advocate veganism.

  6. Cecily Colloby says:


  7. sandra mason says:

    I would rather see more rats running around in this world than the useless assholes to do shit like this.

  8. janet lynch says:

    Motor vehicles can become dangerous weapons in depraved hands. No motor vehicle operator may ever intentionally use do so with the intent to maim and kill. If this act were perpetrated on a crowd of humans, it would be considered a very serious crime indeed, and this act is no less heinous. The perpetrator(s) must be hunted down and caught as a matter of the highest priority, and must be vigorously prosecuted. The person or persons responsible must, at bare minimum, never be allowed to operate a motor vehicle again.

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