Stop Ignoring Shocking Cases of Animal Cruelty


Target: Louise Rivera, Mayor of Tamuning, Guam

Goal: Start punishing alleged animal abusers after dogs were found with a gunshot wound to the face and a knife in the skull.

After the Wise Owl Animal Care clinic in Guam treated a dog with a knife lodged through its skull and one with a gunshot wound to its face in a single week, they became concerned about the alarming rise in animal cruelty cases. The animal hospital’s general manager tried reaching out to officials with no luck. According to outlets, Ron Weinberg, the assistant attorney general, who’s reportedly seen pictures of the dog, admitted that unless a veterinarian or licensee is responsible for the abuse, the cases aren’t even addressed by the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners.

Despite trying to bring up the issue of extreme animal cruelty at a meeting last month, Weinberg told reporters that Wise Owl manager Benjamin Schiff’s concerns should’ve been put in writing in advance so they could be worked into the agenda. It seems clear that Guam doesn’t take animal cruelty seriously and will stop at nothing to avoid addressing the issue. Perhaps if they bothered to prosecute the criminals who committed these alleged heinous acts, it wouldn’t be such a growing problem. Demand that Guam start enforcing animal cruelty laws and prosecuting accordingly.


Dear Mayor Rivera,

You reportedly choose to blatantly ignore the fact that animal cruelty in the area is becoming worse. Even after animal clinic workers had to remove a knife from the skull of one dog and save a dog with a bullet wound to the face, no change occurred. The general manager of the clinic attempted to address the concerns with the city, they ignored his concerns over a technicality.

It’s a shame that the lives of innocent animals aren’t any more important than this. We demand that you start taking every single animal cruelty report seriously and start enforcing proper punishment for the cruel monsters who commit such heinous acts.


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Photo credit: Maik

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  1. There have been entirely too many horrific animal cruelty cases that judges have dismissed or given minimal punishments–making a mockery of our judicial system.

    Our animals are in severe jeopardy by sadistic sociopaths. These freaks are a threat to all of our precious animals and a danger to humans, as well. Yet many judges don’t care and should be disbarred!

    Our country is a disgrace! Our pets, strays, ferals and wildlife are not being protected. The monsters that harm, torture or kill them are let loose on the streets to do more heinous criminal acts. Judges either don’t care or are being paid off.

    Allowing gentle, social, affectionate and intelligent animals to needlessly suffer immense cruelty by malicious subhumans is an indicator of how low our society is sinking. Compassion and empathy are severely lacking. Selfish, narcissistic, brutal, money-worshiping idiots are in charge.

    Our precious animals MUST BE protected from these monsters!

  2. Natasha polychuk says:

    asshole judges should be in jail!

  3. Cheryl Mallon-Bond says:

    Animals are sentient beings, their pain & suffering IS REAL! Any human that has a heart & a soul knows this as truth. Stop ignoring the majority of people, that want animal cruelty to be taken seriously & prosecuted & sentenced accordingly. Laws treating animals as “objects” “property”, that is de-valued as nothing more than a discarded couch, that needs to be “rid of”, is beyond outdated at best, & ignorant, deplorable, heartless & cruel, to say the least!

  4. Neville Bruce says:

    Just sadists having their fun with animals then? No point stopping it before it becomes rape, torture and murder of children, lone women, hobos, etc., hey? You’ll deal with then, I suppose, Justice Department?

  5. Heather Brophy says:




  7. Catherine Dugan says:

    Animal cruelty needs to be taken seriously and the persons responsible for these horrid acts need to be prosecuted, to the fullest extend of the law! I am tired of hearing about a poor animal being seriously hurt/ and or killed!

  8. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    I’ve been to Guam. It’s small; not much to keep track of. I can’t believe any official there is so busy that they can’t take care of violence against animals involving knives and guns.

  9. Sophie Debbane says:

    Not taking the appropriate action is an act of COWARDICE and lameness. What will it take to have animal abuses taken seriously; to have the abusers charged and prosecuted??

  10. Between corrupt lawmakers, indifferent/lazy leo’s, and moronic judges there is almost no government protection for animals. The public needs to be empowered to deal with these cases where legislative, law enforcement and judicial efforts fail.

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