Stop Euthanizing Dogs by Gunshot

A rescued dog peers from within a kennel where hundreds of rescued animals are being kept for treatment about an hour southwest of Raleigh, N.C., Friday, Jan. 29, 2016. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals rescued over 600 animals after they were found in conditions that the sheriff called "awful and very sad." (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Target: City of Bristow Mayor Leonard Washington

Goal: End practice of euthanizing stray dogs by shooting them.

Oklahoma residents recently discovered that an animal shelter in Bristow euthanizes dogs by shooting them. The mayor of the town confirmed the allegations and added that three dogs had been shot to death that past week. He informed the public that the practice was legal under the state’s law which says that any shelter with a population of fewer than 10 thousand animals can “destroy unclaimed animals in a humane, acceptable way.” The issue is that the law does not specify humane practices.

Residents of Bristow, Oklahoma have attempted to protest the issue and tried to force the government to change its policy but have seen no success. The residents turned to social media and several petition websites in order to get the word out. They’ve asked the government to hire a veterinarian to euthanize the animals via an intravenous injection. Sign the petition below to urge the mayor of Bristow to hire veterinarians and end the practice of shooting stray dogs.


Dear Mayor Washington,

Recently it has come to light that an animal shelter in the city of Bristow shoots stray dogs as a form of euthanasia. Such an act is appalling and inhumane. Oklahoma law dictates that municipalities with a population of fewer than 10 thousand animals can “destroy unclaimed animals in a humane, acceptable way.” The humane method of euthanasia is via an intravenous injection. The drug used is sodium pentobarbital, which puts the animal to sleep in a peaceful manner. There is nothing peaceful about shooting dogs, and I can’t begin to imagine the emotional toll it must take on the authority dictated to shoot the dogs.

Many residents of Bristow have attempted to protest the matter by reaching out to government officials such as yourself. They have hit road block after road block and finally had to turn to social media in hopes of spreading the word. Residents are willing to collaborate with the city of Bristow in hopes of hiring veterinarians to euthanize the animals humanely. They have expressed their willingness to keep the tax-payer funded shelters open. The support is present, it just needs to be acted upon. No matter how long an animal is left in a shelter, it must not be murdered with a gunshot. I demand that you hire veterinarians for the animal shelters.


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Photo Credit: Gerry Broome

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  1. Heather Brophy says:


  2. Hey Washington…in case you weren’t aware, this IS the 21st century. This old west passed about 120 years ago. Is there law about the way to dispose of an unwanted mayor?

  3. TAMARA BRAGG says:

    People in this world are violent. If it moves kill it. If there were no guns manufactured, no guns any where in the world, how many animals and people would be injured or killed? Zero. The math is pretty easy, so is the answer.
    STOP MAKING GUNS. Guns are not the solutions to human problems, people are the solutions.??

  4. Gene Sengstake says:

    Isn’t it amazing how so many uncompassionate/incompetent/whatever you want to call them – people in authority – can do and get away with pretty much anything they want. To hell with what any other people think – – –

  5. Just because something is considered to be “legal” doesn’t mean it should be done. Seems as if the mayor, as well as those at this so-called animal shelter, all lack a heart. There are too many people on this planet; should be start to shoot some in order to make more room? Think about it …….

  6. Bunch of hillbillies.

  7. Raouchaia Reda Raouchaia Reda says:

    Doggies are adorable and loyal, friends and defenders to a human. Inflicting death on them is horrendous cruelty no matter now it is done, gas, drug, gun (~_~;). For sensitive and civilized people this is murder that should be forever banned. I wish for totally no-kill shelters and more compassion.
    ╚══`.¸.Doggies! Please don’t kill them!

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