Urge BBC Program to Stop Selling Ivory

Elephant_by_Gary M. Stolz

Target: Craig Henderson, Head of Programming for BBC English Regions

Goal: Discontinue selling ivory on the BBC network.

Even after ivory bans all over the world, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is still promoting ivory. On Flog It!, a BBC program dedicated to selling antiques, ivory items continue to be sold. The host(s) and sellers then cheer like they do after every product gets purchased. The sale of ivory should not be applauded. Tell BBC to do what other countries and television shows have done and ban the sale of ivory on this program.

Many people think that buying ivory antiques do not promote the poaching industry. Unfortunately, by allowing the sale of ivory, you are putting value on the tusks of elephants. This encourages poachers to continue hunting these creatures because they know there is a market for it. We have seen this mostly in Hong Kong before the new ban was set in place on all ivory trading. Before that, stores were allowed to sell ivory obtained prior to 1989. Having stockpiles of ivory allowed smugglers to easily launder new items into the country.

Other antique shows, like the Antique Roadshow, have stopped selling ivory tusks and will inform buyers of the illegal trade if any product contains even a fraction of ivory. With many elephant species endangered or at risk, selling of ivory should be banned. Tell BBC that they need to step up and not condone the selling of ivory on their shows.


Dear Mr. Henderson,

The popular program Flog It! has recently sold pieces of ivory on its show. The promotion of ivory products has been directly linked with the continuation of poaching. We have seen this exclusively with Hong Kong’s prior “legal” selling of ivory made before 1989. Poachers continued to hunt these animals because they saw a market that they could still infiltrate.

With elephants at risk of extinction, I ask you to not promote the selling of ivory on your programs. Similar shows to Flog It!, like the Antique Roadshow, no longer sell elephant tusks and warn consumers about items that contain traces of ivory. I urge you to have Flog It! do the same.

The BBC is a staple of great programming that broadcasts to many countries. Your decision to not promote the selling of ivory can have an enormous impact on both people and the illegal killing of elephants. Please do a great deed and ensure that no more ivory will be sold on the BBC network.


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Photo Credit: Gary M. Stolz

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  1. Beverley Foster says:

    As a UK citizen, I am truly ashamed that a publicly funded TV programme is promoting the collection and sale of ivory products. We are not a 3rd World country that can claim ignorance of what these programmes lead to i.e. the slaughter of more and more animals to satisfy this obscene market. Please stop all programmes that promote the selling of ivory and help put an end to this unforgiveable trade.

  2. Carol Bowen says:

    Totally agree with Beverley Foster. It’s barbaric !!!

  3. Stop the promotion of ivory as an investment!
    There are ivory substitutes available for artists to carve,promote that!


  5. What an amazing disappointment and !

    BBC programs are some of the few stations that I still watch and believed had some ethics and integrity–where the almighty dollar wasn’t their sole reason for existence! I even assumed that they had some compassion and empathy for animals/wildlife.

    Knowing that our precious elephants (at the present rate of brutal destruction of about 100 per day) could be extinct in less than 20 years, how could they promote ivory as an investment?! Their slaughter is horrifically cruel, their suffering unimaginable–all for fake medicinal treatments and useless trinkets.

    I have not watched, nor will I ever this program. I really cannot believe that they cheer/applaud after the item is purchased! Hopefully, someone will gain a conscience, some common sense and intelligence. As long as there is encouraged interest in the acquisition of ivory (regardless of the age or the form of its utilization, poaching will continue, black markets will thrive, militias will grow, park rangers and activities will be murdered and the extinction of one of the most priceless, iconic, beloved creatures to ever walk this earth will continue to be threatening reality.

    The BBC MUST NOT be complicit in the demise of these incredible animals by their promotion of ivory products. Help put an end to this travesty. Join the others that care. You have a widespread influence. Use it for a good purpose.

  6. Judith Mitchell says:

    BBC — by selling and approving the sale of IVORY, you are promoting a black-market. That means, in simple terms that even the manifestly insensitive can understand, YOU ARE THEREBY PROMOTING THE SLAUGHTER OF ELEPHANTS. Stop your manifestly insensitive ivory sales IMMEDIATELY. You ought to be far, far, better than this; I am shocked and much disgusted by this situation!

  7. Heather Brophy says:


  8. Neville Bruce says:

    Dear BBC,

    I’ve been signing petitions to stop the Tories and Murdoch either killing you off, or pulling your teeth. In a similar spirit, please do what you can to help the elephants.

    Thank you.

  9. Dear BBC, please take some responsibility and refrain from ever featuring rhino horn, ivory or any other item made from endangered species.

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