Stop Releasing Animal Cruelty Convicts From Jail Early


Target: Kip Thomas, Madison County Sheriff

Goal: Force animal cruelty convict to serve his full jail sentence instead of releasing him because of overcrowding.

A man who was convicted on animal cruelty charges was released early due to overcrowding. According to the sheriff, they chose to release some who they considered “non-violent” offenders from jail and they won’t have to return and serve the rest of their sentence.

He was sentenced after being caught with a cow cruelly strapped down to a flat-bed trailer in a “spread-eagle” position. Justice was hardly served to begin with as the convict was only given a 10-day sentence combined with some fines and an order to volunteer 100 hours at an animal shelter where more animals can be put at risk.

Animal cruelty is violence and there’s been enough evidence to show that animal abusers are often dangerous members to the entire society. It’s even more risky to release him after only giving him a slap on the wrist. It seems the lives of innocent animals aren’t important to Madison county. Sign this petition and demand that people convicted of animal cruelty are not released early.


Dear Mr. Thomas,

We are disappointed to learn that a man convicted of animal cruelty was released from jail early and will not have to serve his minor 10-day jail term. You stated that the jail was overcrowded, so those considered non-violent offenders got released early.

It seems the fact that people who commit cruelty towards animals are often significantly more dangerous members of society has been ignored in this case. This man harmed innocent animals and that should be considered a violent offender. We demand that you stop downplaying the lives of animals and start serving justice when it’s deserved.


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Photo credit: Animal People Forum

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  1. Neville Bruce says:

    If this was a first offence, it might have scared him enough. but it’s not good, and also may well have been part of a violent crime – the details aren’t clear.

    • The problem is: the law determines that the prisons are too crowded, and so judges must then decide who is to be released early….often it includes pedophiles, rapists, gang members, etc not just animal abusers.

      MEANWHILE federal law determines that someone who smokes a joint of pot MUST serve his/ her entire sentence….clearly this is stupid and backward…..but it is the way things are, until the laws are changed.

    • Colleen Geno says:

      What if it was his first offense? His first offense at getting caught. Open your eyes!! Feeling sorry for this….this piece of human waste is not going to prevent it from hurting more living beings later! He needs to be lock up and tied down spread eagle NAKED every day and KNOW WHAT FEAR FEELS LIKE in his cold and black heart.

  2. We must STOP abusive & negligent acts against animals — we must STOP irrational, insane, cruel & merciless behavior by individuals who belong NOWHERE NEAR ANIMALS — his punishment & penalties should be severe — NOTE, these imbeciles are dangerous to us all — animal abuse MUST be taken seriously — society MUST teach that irrational & heartless abuse will NOT be accepted — thus, we will have NO REPEATS of such brutal cruelty against animals.

  3. in a ‘spread-eagle’ position??? wreaks of beastiality to me! why else have an animal in that position? this is one very sick individual and needs to be permenantly out of everyone’s way! do not approach him, do not let animals be near him!!!

  4. annie vallet says:

    what a shame, jails are overcharged and this barbarious people will not pay for what they”ve done

  5. Cheryl A High says:

    That is an insane sentence…who would believe someone raping a cow should serve at an animal shelter…for community service?

  6. Colleen Geno says:

    All I have to say is this: the man DID commit a VIOLENT crime and obviously was going to continue if he had not been caught! The judicial system in this country is not only blind but pretty much FUCKING TWISTED TOO! WTF?!!!? How many more living and feeling beings is this creep going to hurt before the law takes appropriate action?

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