Dog Left to Die Deserves Justice


Target: Juan Perez, Miami-Dade Police Director

Goal: Arrest and prosecute person who abandoned dog and left it to starve to death.

A dog was reportedly callously dumped off outside likely by his owner. We need to take action to better ensure that whoever did this will be found and prosecuted.

The dog was abandoned on a neighborhood street with no food. Unfortunately, the person only left the animal with a little bit of water and a couple of worn blankets. Besides likely being traumatized over being left alone for days, the dog has also had to endure extremely cold weather at night.

Although nearby homeowners have done everything in their power to help the dog, including giving it blankets and temporary shelter, they have been unable to coax it to come inside during the blistering cold evenings. The dog’s behavior seems to be a clear indicator that it is waiting for its deadbeat owner to return.

Demand that authorities do everything possible to find the person who abandoned this animal, and that they also suggest whoever committed this pathetic act be prosecuted and serve time in prison. No animal deserves to be disregarded like a worthless piece of trash.


Dear Director Perez,

Someone apparently abandoned their dog near 10th Avenue and North River Drive. It is important that whoever did this is found, arrested and prosecuted in order to better ensure that this person will not be able to abuse animals in the future.

The dog was only left with water and a couple of dirty blankets. However, the blankets are likely not warm enough to keep the dog comfortable during the cold nights. In fact, if it had not been for neighbors leaving the animal food and giving it some form of shelter, this dog would likely be dead. While the neighbors are doing everything they can possibly do to help the dog, they have not been able to get it to move away from the spot where the owner left it. The dog is likely staying in the same spot because it is waiting for its thoughtless owner to come back and get him.

I therefore encourage you to search for and arrest the person who committed this despicable crime. I further suggest that whoever did this be prosecuted and serve time in prison. People who leave their animals to die deserve to spend a good deal of time behind bars.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Angie Johnston

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  1. Natasha polychuk says:

    that bastard should be in jail!!!!!!

  2. Carol Bowen says:

    Cruel evil Bastard !!

  3. Leslie Sutliff says:

    Why is leaving an animal like that different then leaving a human? Should be same punishment.

  4. heather price says:

    Fuckin kick the shit out of the evil bastard

  5. This sick demented subhuman deserted a dog who was loyal and trusting and didn’t understand what he/she did wrong to deserve abandonment–let alone death.

    A couple of blankets and some water will not keep the dog alive!

    We have to do something about our animal cruelty laws. They must be harsher! There are too many really cruel humans who are far from humane, who lack compassion and empathy–and far worse. These kind of people are useless to society or even a danger to every being that lives in it.

    Anyone without sensitivity toward animals is, basically, no different toward humans. A person is either compassionate and empathetic, or they are not, regardless of whether it is toward animals or humans.

    This freak deserves, at minimum, a long prison sentence, and should never be allowed to have another pet. Animals are not objects–even though they are often treated that way. They deserve the same thoughtfulness and kindness as humans. They should not be abandoned and left to die!

  6. Cynthia Mattera says:

    So the poor dog is still outside?

  7. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Unforgivable and SO CRUEL!

  8. Catherine Dugan says:

    What a cruel thing to do to such a beautiful dog! I am heartbroken at the lack of compassion for these poor, defenseless animals! They deserve to be treated with love and respect; and not starved and left to die!

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