Kittens Allegedly Sold as Bait for Dogfights Deserve Justice


Target: Anthony Joynes, Liverpool, England RSPCA Inspector

Goal: Investigate people who allegedly sell kittens only so they can be viciously torn apart by dogs.

Several kittens are allegedly being sold as bait for dogfights on Facebook, though the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) has dismissed the case. We need to take action to better ensure that anyone responsible for hurting these innocent animals is given a harsh prison sentence.

Two women apparently use pseudonyms to post unethical messages that say they sell kittens for this purpose. One such message even supposedly asked readers who they thought was going to win the next horrific dogfight that the kittens would be used in.

Although the RSPCA claims that such allegations are false, there would likely not be a Facebook page up advertising that kittens are for sale as dog bait if the accusations were untrue. Furthermore, even if the accused women are not committing this crime, whoever is putting up such pages on the social networking site needs to be found and investigated to ensure animals will remain safe. If the case is dropped, the lives of many innocent kittens will likely be at stake.

Demand the RSPCA continue to investigate this case and that anyone found to be harming animals in this disgusting manner be given a long prison sentence. Defenseless kittens do not deserve to endure this type of heinous abuse.


Dear Inspector Joynes,

The RSPCA has decided to stop an investigation involving kittens possibly being sold on Facebook as live bait for fighting dogs. It is important that this case remain open in order to better ensure that if this is taking place, the person or people responsible will be legally punished.

The two people who are thought to use pseudonyms for identification purposes reportedly put up unethical posts to advertise that they have the kittens for sale. One such blunt message supposedly reads, “Will have litter ready for Christmas (dog bait) xx.”

While your organization claims that such abuse has never happened, there would likely not be Facebook posts advertising that the kittens are for sale as dog bait if this were not the case. Even if the two accused women are innocent, it is important that whoever added these sick posts to the social media site be found and thoroughly investigated so that you can be 100 percent certain that no animals are being harmed.

It is for these reasons that I encourage you to keep this case open and to suggest that a harsh prison sentence be given to anyone displaying this horrid behavior towards innocent kittens. Animals don’t deserve to be treated like worthless pieces of trash.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Nicolas Suzor

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  1. What in the hell is wrong with the RSPCA?! Are they caring about and protecting animals, or are they just a sham of an organization?
    Why would they stop the investigation involving posting the sale of kittens for bait, by women using pseudonyms? Do they think this is a joke? There is nothing funny about this, and it should be taken very seriously.
    Despite being illegal, dog fighting is extremely common, and the search for innocent bait animals is endless. Who ever posted these blatant remarks, may just assume, (rightly, at this point) that the authorities will ignore them.
    What evidence does the RSPCA have to assume these allegations are false?! I haven’t heard any! This MUST BE INVESTIGATED! If it turns out to be false, at least, the organization did its job. If it is true, who knows how many kittens may be saved from a horrifically brutal death! It is the responsibility of this agency to investigate possibly major animal cruelty cases!

  2. The RSPCA is a sham of an organization, giving up so easily! OTHER scumbags have been caught for crimes via FB, so what’s the difference here???

  3. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    No words for such disgusting acts!!!

  4. One day the perpetrators will be flushed out and if the law does not deal with them appropriately….then there will always be someone who will! Lynch them!!

  5. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    These kittens are part of the Animal Kingdom, who are citizens of this Earth, and they deserve our protection. This situation warrants investigating…

  6. sandra mason says:

    most of the time when people try to stop dog fighting they only think about the dogs. the bait animals are ignored. cats especially are ignored. the ASPCA the HSUS, PETA all animal shelters in general care about dogs. maybe if they have a few bucks and a few minutes left over they’ll worry about the cats. most animal protection agencies are full of crap. I am constantly trying to tell these places, dog fighting is not just about the dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Natasha polychuk says:

    RSPCA are frauds and they should ne locked up with dog fighers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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