Justice for Abused Dog That Endured Surgery to Remove Choke Collar


TargetBill McKay, Mayor of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

GoalIssue maximum penalty possible to person whose dog suffered due to a dangerously tight choke collar.

A dog was reportedly found suffering from a severe neck infection due to a choke collar that had embedded so far into its neck that it had to be surgically removed. People from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said that the infection was so bad that the owners couldn’t have missed it.

If convicted, the owners of this dog only face a fine and a small two-year sentence, which is a slap on the wrist for someone who’s allowed their animal to suffer to this extent. A person who can watch their innocent animal endure such horrific suffering and not do anything about it should be charged with animal abuse and never allowed to own animals again. Demand that the owners of this poor dog be banned from owning animals and prosecuted to the fullest extent, if found guilty of abusing or neglecting this dog.


Dear Mr. McKay,

A dog was found in bad condition due to neglect and was wearing a choke collar that was embedded into his neck so far that it had to be surgically removed. It’s clear the owners of this dog must be heartless and neglectful.

Please join the stand against animal abuse. We urge you to help see to it that the owners be prosecuted, if found guilty of animal abuse, and held fully responsible for the suffering the poor dog must have endured.


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Photo credit: SPCA

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  1. Natasha polychuk says:

    those assholes shoulde be hung!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gene Sengstake says:

    How many other sick degenerates like this are walking our streets – committing atrocities similar to this that we will probably never even hear about? The ones that do get caught usually get away with minimal punishment and are left free to often continue their despicable ways until someone finally decides otherwise. And as usual the animals are the ones that suffer – as prevention and justice are just the fantasies of those who really do care – – –

  3. If the current laws are not adequate for this situation, then the law should be examined and changed. This deserves adequate consequences and at least an attempt at education and probably a complete ban of these people having animals ever again. I wouldn’t want them to be responsible for taking care of a child or older person who need care for whatever reason, either. If they let this happen to a dog, what would they let happen to a person? If they’re not capable of properly caring for a dog to let it get in this condition, there should be additional restrictions too. I would question their ability to safely handle firearms or any other kind of potentially dangerous item.

  4. NO ONE could possibly “miss” a too-tight collar IF they were responsible, caring guardians! NO excuse, NO leniency shown, and NO abrogation of real justice!! We’re SICK of animal cruelty being IGNORED as if it doesn’t even matter, when in reality it’s a HUGE indictment against the mentally and emotionally imbalanced state of humankind as a whole. WHEN are we going to actually curb it through meaningful ACTION?!?!

  5. Amar Taggarh says:

    This is why I am ashamed to be Canadian. We have lax animal cruelty laws and the law makers do not have any intention to make us on par with our American neighbours. We try to copy America at every possible chance but we ignore the suffering of our animals. This is our shame. I am appaled at this and other animal abuse that is allowed to go unchecked. Dogs starve and die on reserves and freeze in the city in the winter. We have vets telling people to not feed animals more than once a day. How is this okay? Canada needs to get better by ensuring our animals are included in our laws. Our laws are more than a 150 years old for animals.

  6. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Mayor Bill McKay – You are in a position to hand down a penalty that fits the crime in this case and I hope you do! Anything else would be an injustice to this Dog and we the people who fight everyday to alleviate animal suffering. The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth and no creature deserves to be tortured and/or murdered at the hands of humans. Not one…

  7. susan marks says:

    What a terrible abuse to a animal

  8. Sheila Menache says:

    How can anyone stoop to this level of torturing an innocent animal – they are sick and should be removed from society

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