Justice for Hanged Dogs

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Target: Hon. Patrick L. Carroll III, Chief Court Administrator

Goal: Demand harshest possible punishment for woman who allegedly hanged her two dogs in drug-induced fit.

Two dogs were allegedly hanged from a tree by their owner, who claimed to be in the throes of drug-fueled hallucinations. Veronica Reyes, the owner of two female pit bulls, admitted to taking prescription pain killers as well as smoking marijuana that she claimed may have been laced when she says the dogs “told her to kill them.” She later buried the two dogs in the backyard of her rental property.

The dogs’ corpses were discovered by police after Reyes’ landlord talked to a neighbor after being unable to find Reyes or her dogs. The neighbor claimed to have seen Reyes hanging a dog using a leash slung over a tree branch. According to a statement Reyes made to police, she had arrived home after a night out and her walls and dogs began talking to her. She then claims that she asked the dogs if they wanted to be hanged and they became very “excited and hyper.”

Several inconsistencies exist with her testimony, including once when she said that she simply hung the dogs because she was under extreme emotional stress after a breakup. An activist outside the courthouse also pointed out that while Reyes claims the dogs were talking to her, she never actually quoted anything the dogs said. Even if Reyes’ testimony is completely truthful, the irresponsible use of drugs is not an excuse for the brutal murder of an animal.

So far, Reyes has been ordered to obtain mental health care and has been banned from owning pets in the future. She will return to court shortly where the judge will hand down a sentence for the two counts of animal cruelty she faces, which could amount to five years in jail and a $5,000 fine per count. Sign the petition below to demand that a harsh punishment is sought against this cruel and remorseless offender.


Dear Administrator Carroll,

A Bristol woman was recently arraigned for the hanging of her two pit bulls in her backyard. The woman, who later put the dogs in garbage bags and buried them in her backyard, first claimed to be hallucinating but later claimed that she was simply under stress.

Regardless of her motives, the cruelty of this crime is shocking and the woman must be punished accordingly. We, the undersigned, demand that she is punished to the fullest extent of the law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Hugo A. Quintero G

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  1. This world is so screwed up by insane monsters like this person. She must be held accountable. I don’t care what lie she makes up to save her skin she horrifically murdered these dogs and she must pay. why didn’t he neighbor call the cops when she saw the monster hanging the dogs?? They might have been able to save them she is responsible too. NO ACTION IS A ACTION AND SHE DIDN’T EVEN TRY. JAIL THIS MONSTER,FINE HER A HUGE AMOUNT, BAN HER FROM EVER HAVING ANIMALS AND GET HER PSYCHIATRIC HELP AS SHE IS VERY SICK!!


  2. Drugs and responsibility do not mix. She chose to do drugs, while on drugs she tortured and killed her 2 dogs. She is responsible for her actions and punishment should be in order. We are now in the modern era and animal abuse will not be tolerated!!


    That is NO excuse for hanging these precious,innocent dogs!!! NO EXCUSE!!! Stupid bitch needs to pay for her CRIMES!!!! Maybe, just maybe she will get clean while in prison or get a stiff fine or both.

  4. Funny how all these evil doers say that someone or something told them to commit these evil acts, but NEVER tell them (perpetrator)to jump off a bridge or stand on a busy freeway.

  5. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Administrator Carroll – Please do the job you were hired to do and hand down the harshest sentence allowed under the law to this woman. The punishment almost always never fits the crime in animal abuse/murder cases, and drug-induced or not, this woman murdered 2 innocent dogs and she needs to be pay for what she’s done. The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth, too, and they deserve our respect and protection. It is your job to punish those who abuse/murder animals and I hope you do the right thing here…

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