Shut Down Thailand’s Abusive Elephant Village


Target: Thai Society of the Prevention of Cruelty Director,  Suthisak Sucha

Goal: Shut down an elephant village where an employee allegedly physically abused a baby elephant in front of tourists.

A couple of tourists were at an elephant village in Thailand when they allegedly caught the physical abuse of a three-year-old baby elephant on film. A staff member at Damnoen Saduak Elephant Village is seen in the video approaching the poor calf in a threatening manner with his fist raised. When the calf cowers away in fear, the cruel man jerks its ear, sending the animal to the ground shrieking in pain. He then kicks the elephant’s foot and chained it up. The sickening, proud smile the abuser displays afterward shows that this cruel behavior is not frowned upon at the village.

The elephant’s instant reaction of fear when the aggressive man first approaches the animal speaks volumes. It’s clear the elephant is familiar with aggressive, threatening, and abusive handling. The threat of his fist alone should be enough to have him fired and charged with animal abuse. Since the elephant is clearly suffering physical abuse by the staff, the entire elephant village should be shut down. It’s bad enough the elephants are forced to survive in unhealthy, closed quarters. There’s no excuse for this deplorable display of cruelty to an innocent animal.

According to outlets, the only punishment the monster who abused the elephant received was suspension, and the owner of the facility defended him. Demand that the Damnoen Saduak Elephant Village be forced to shut down permanently, and the poor animals be sent to a safe sanctuary.


Dear Suthisak Sucha,

A baby elephant at the Damneon Saduak Elephant Village was reportedly abused physically by a staff member who smiled proudly after threatening the calf with his fist, then hurting its ear so badly it went to the ground shrieking in pain. He then kicked its foot before chaining it up. This blatant display of horrific abuse shows that the village has no regard for elephant lives. They’re using these poor innocent elephants and abusing them for fun.

These sick monsters should be prosecuted. We demand that action be taken immediately to shut the Damneon Saduak Elephant Village down permanently and relocate the poor animals to a safe sanctuary.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Charlie Costin

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  1. SUTHISAK SUCHA, Thai Society of the Prevention of Cruelty Director: there is a petition going around the Internet with your name on it. ARE YOU AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING:
    A staff member at Damnoen Saduak Elephant Village is seen in the video approaching the poor calf in a threatening manner with his fist raised. When the calf cowers away in fear, the cruel man jerks its ear, sending the animal to the ground shrieking in pain. He then kicks the elephant’s foot and chained it up. The sickening, proud smile the abuser displays afterward shows that this cruel behavior is not frowned upon at the village.”??????????????????
    The WORLD is aware of this and we demand that you shut Down Thailand’s Abusive Elephant Village. Thank you. The WORLD is watching you.

  2. Nancy

    Does it make the staff of the Damnoen Saduak Elephant Village feel proud that they can torture an animal. What kind of idiots run this place. CLOSE it DOWN “NOW”.
    That employee deserves a kicking around himself. Sickening little creep!

  3. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I shudder to think what goes on when tourists aren’t present.

  4. If tourists didn’t support these foul places, then they would be forced to close – thereby saving the elephants from lives of abuse and misery. I for one would NEVER set foot in such a place. Nor will I ever visit Thailand either.

    • Hannah Marzec says:

      I was one of the tourists who ended up going. Paid for a tour to floating market, and not even told by the tourist information centre that the price includes visit to this hell park. I’ll be contacting minister of tourism in Thailand to disclose this information and the abuse in this place. This baby elephant is all covered with billhooks marks on its body, there are more animals like baby lion drugged that it can’t even lift its head, crocodiles with jaws taped and heavily chained monkey. All for photo purposes. Yes, tourists are not educated enough because stream mass media prefer to talk about kardashians!!!

  5. “Allegedly,” my heiny! These places REEK of abuse and NO ONE should be patronizing them, especially stupid tourists! Without tourist demand there would BE no such places! When are people going to wake up and realize that EVERY SINGLE FORM of exploitation of animals is abusive behind the scenes??!! Baby elephants are STOLEN from their mothers (who have usually been slaughtered), then routinely beaten beyond belief until they SUBMIT to human control. This captured incident is NOTHING compared to how they start to “train” elephants for “rides, “shows,” “painting,” work, etc, etc!!! And “officials” KNOW all of this darn well. Help shut these hellholes down by NEVER patronizing them, and spreading the word by doing your own research into elephant abuse in the ‘entertainment’ and tourist industries! Thailand in particular is a living hell for ALL animals.

    • This is about Thailand, the animal abuse there and the stupid tourist.I was on the island of Koh Samoi on foot on my way to visit a friend when I heard a voice saying, One more, one more, hes so cute. I instinctively knew what that was all about, so went towards the voice and there found 2 Australian girls, the keeper and the baby Gibbon monkey. I went up to them and told them they shouldn\t be doing this. WHY not, they blurted. The keeper was in the meantime yelling at me telling me to go away having retrieved the baby monkey from the girl\s shoulder. I said i\m not going anywhere until these two understand why this is wrong…so I told them, explaining what happens to the mother who is more often than not killed, her baby taken and used for just the purpose they and many other tourists like them are supporting…having their pictures taken with the baby Gibbon. These babies aren\t given the right food…alot of it being mostly junk food without any of the right nutrition and then when they grow older and ALOT bigger, they become too strong and too much for their keepers. They are then most likely killed and then the keepers go back into the jungle after a new baby Gibbon. This practice is illegal, but still persists.
      I then left, but reported the incident. I couldn\t get hold of any authorities who would deal with this matter while I was still there, but as soon as I returned to Finland I contacted the Dutch guy who has the sanctuary in Petcharburi, near Cha/Am. I told him what I\d seen and exactly where to find the exact place…no details excluded…to find this little monkey! I got feedback. He sent a team out to Koh Samoi to look for this baby Gibbon and they FOUND him! Not only did they find this baby, but they found no less than 10 other babies!! All these so called keepers are now in prison and these babies are free of this slave trade and in care. I can\t tell you how relieved and overjoyed I was to hear this news after the rescue centre so kindly contacted me. If anyone wants to contact or visit this centre, the website is or email

      Prish Hackman

      • simon rickman simon rickman says:

        Welldone you! Thankfully there are still people in this cruel world who go out of their way for the voiceless animals. Bless you, bless them er the animals i mean!

      • Cherribombe says:

        Your wonderful. What a good outcome. I love it when there is justice like this. Good on your friend too. All those little lives that would’ve been unhappy if you had not acted. So glad. I wish more people were like you. You your friend are true caring people. I have questions. Did your friend film the rescue if so could they put it on fbook or utube? What sort of sanctuary does your friend have? Have you or your friend rescued animals before? This is great.

  6. Wendy Morrison says:

    Put these cruel abusers in a cage and treat them worse than they have done to this 3 year old elephant baby and put them in show whole this abuse is taking pkace. Render ABSOLUTELY no help to these STUPID abusers!

  7. Lynn Juozilaitis says:

    Someone will do even worse to him. It’s called Karma, you lowlife, vile bastard!

  8. Jan Syverson Jan Syverson says:

    Death penalty. ZERO tolerance for animal abusers.

  9. annie vallet says:

    this must stop

  10. Marsha Squibb says:

    Aren’t you brave to abuse a baby you f-ing asshole!!!! Your family should be treated that way and you made to watch!!!!You piece of shit!!!!

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