Stop Torturing Dogs in Cruel Dental Experiments


Target: Australian Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Christopher Pyne

Goal: Stop allowing cruel dental experiments to be performed on dogs.

Scientific laboratories across Australia are torturing and killing thousands of dogs in agonizing dental experiments. Dogs used are mostly beagles bred for testing and greyhounds discarded by the racing industry–animals who have already suffered a lifetime of brutality at the hands of humans. Several thousand of these gentle animals undergo painful research each year, involving major surgeries and death.

A report in The Age cites the University of Melbourne’s dental school as one of the many institutions subjecting live dogs to painful surgical tests. In one of them, six healthy greyhounds were operated on and inserted with dental implants, before being killed three months later. Their jaws were then removed for examination. Another four greyhounds underwent a number of operations involving putting screws in their skulls and electrodes in their brains.

Humane Research Australia has criticized researchers for abusing dogs for the sake of cosmetic surgery, with the chief executive officer of the organization, Helen Marston, saying “the research was certainly not life-saving, as it was simply for human vanity.” She adds that the anatomy of a dog’s mouth is singularly different to that of a human. In light of the experiments being of cosmetic nature and of the incredible suffering involved in them, Ms. Marston also expressed her shock at this dental implant research being approved by the university’s animal ethics committee.

Testing on animals is a cruel business under any circumstances, but this is particularly appalling considering the research is for purely cosmetic purposes. It is additionally contemptible considering beagles are specifically bred for these cruel experiments, while greyhounds have already suffered through punitive conditions in the heartless racing industry. Sign this petition demanding that Australian authorities prohibit these cruel tests, while also taking steps to replace all animal testing with humane alternatives.


Dear Minister Pyne,

A recent report in The Age revealed that scientific laboratories across Australia are using thousands of dogs in excruciating dental experiments. Many of the dogs are destroyed after being subjected to this abuse. Dogs used are mostly beagles and ex-racing greyhounds. These gentle animals do not deserve this fate.

The report cited the University of Melbourne’s dental school as one of the many institutions subjecting live dogs to painful surgical tests. In one such test, six healthy greyhounds were given dental implants. They were killed three months later and their jaws were removed for inspection. Another four greyhounds underwent a number of operations including having screws inserted into their skulls and electrodes put in their brains.

Not only is a dog’s mouth anatomically different from a human’s, these dogs were abused and killed for cosmetic dentistry–hardly a life-saving science. It is time we stop subjecting sentient beings to excruciating pain in the name of our own vanity. Please prohibit these cruel experiments and commit to replacing animal testing with humane alternatives.


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  1. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    These so-called scientists are nothing but cruel, sadistic monsters who enjoy their work. Shades of Joseph Mengele. And to think they are given money to do this to these innocent animals. And behind that, what about the miserable trash who breed the beagles just for this horror to be inflicted upon them? And the horrible greyhound owners.? One more stain for Australia and the way they treat their animals. Kangaroos murdered, live export etc. The list is long. It is obvious that this university has no ethics committee, as such, or this wouldn’t be an issue. So much for our institutes of higher learning. Poor dogs.

    • Wendy Waltenberg says:

      Totally agree with you, Marilyn.

      With everything that humans have put other humans through, you would think that we would learn to have more compassion and empathy.

  2. Still not presented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m starting to think Force Change and Animal Petitions are scam sites.

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