Justice for Horses Whose Tails Were Chopped Off

Target: United States Attorney for the District of Nebraska Deborah R. Gilg

Goal: Locate and punish horse tail thieves allegedly operating in Nebraska.

In a series of incidents across Nebraska, brash thieves are reportedly sneaking onto ranch land and chopping off horses’ tails with scissors. In a well-covered instance, thieves allegedly trespassed on land owned by Bruce and Vickie Tompkins, which they use to house their rescued mini-horses and donkeys. At least two other horse owners report similar thefts. The sheriff’s office has issued warnings for horse owners to be on alert, but no other action has been taken.

Horse hair sells for over $400 a pound to the beauty and haberdashery industries for use as hatbands or human hair extensions. This makes it a prime source for thieves brave enough to trespass on their owners’ land and stand behind a horse long enough to cut off the tail. Sadly, the horses lose their only means of swatting at flies and their owners are left feeling as violated as they would if their houses were burgled.

Demand these thefts are investigated, the culprits found, and the appropriate action taken to punish them for their crimes and prevent such incidents in the future.


Dear Attorney Gilg,

As part of America’s heartland, Nebraska is home to many horses and even more horse lovers. Unfortunately, that also makes it a target for thieves seeking to profit from the sale of horse hair to industries that will pay $400 a pound and up. The hair is used to make hatbands and hair extensions for the wealthy.

In several incidents across the state, thieves have allegedly been trespassing on the owners’ land and cruelly hacking off the horses’ only defense against flies – their tails, leaving the horses with significantly shortened, and virtually useless tails, and leaving the owners feeling violated.

We demand these incidents are investigated and the perpetrators caught, prosecuted, and punished to the fullest extent possible.


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  1. Anthea Henle says:

    I sign quite a lot of petitions on here and whereas these horses are having the hair on their tails cut off I would be far happier if this petition was actually about horses tails being cut off as in the Budweiser Clydesdales and look at a lot of heavy horse shows where their tails are chopped, I believe a black Percheron the tallest horse in the world doesn’t have a tail. Sorry but reading through what some have posted on here how about getting going on getting tail docking banned?

    • All horses have tails.Their tail hair is sometimes put up out of the way when they are working. Sometimes people have bobbed their tails by cutting most of their tail hair off straight across so they cannot swat flies until the hair grows back. This is not the same as docking which means cutting off part of the tail not just the hair. Docking has sometimes been done to dairy cows and it is very painful.

  2. I am a Guardian for the animals ?
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now
    Feel the pain of your victims Every minute of your senseless life Live

  3. Karen Remnant says:

    Miserable bastards! Male of female – either can be strung up by body parts!!

  4. Maxine Sheehan says:

    Whoever these animal abusers are they need shooting. Our taxes should not be used to warehouse psychopaths. It is an untreatable condition, and all too prevalent in society. Just kill the beings and get them out of our misery.

  5. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    So humans have found yet another way to abuse animals. It figures. I would like to know why the so-called beauty industries and haberdasheries who are buying this cannot be investigated. They surely know who they’re getting the horse hair from. It seems there is no place anywhere in the world where an animal is safe from human cruelty.

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