Keep SeaWorld Out of the Middle East


Target: Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Emir of Dubai

Goal: Prevent SeaWorld from building a new park in Dubai where more animals will suffer for human entertainment.

Recently, SeaWorld announced plans to open an amusement park in the Middle East, with Dubai as their most likely destination. SeaWorld’s treatment of animals has been exposed as abusive and cruel, and the Dubai government must not allow this company to expand their operations any further.

In 2013, the documentary Blackfish premiered and revealed the dark side of SeaWorld’s history. The extensive coverage of animal abuse, attacks on trainers, and inhumane entertainment shows has ruined SeaWorld’s reputation and led to the loss of several corporate sponsors, including Virgin America, Southwest Airlines, and Taco Bell. With popularity flagging in America, the company has decided to invest in international ventures where public opinion is not as hostile.

The stars of SeaWorld are the orcas, massive black and white whales. These highly intelligent animals can swim up to 100 miles per day and live in close-knit groups. In some cases, offspring stay with their mothers from birth to death. The orcas at SeaWorld, however lead a lonely and isolated life, devoid of the pleasures and experiences that the ocean provides. Most never get to experience life outside of a cramped tank, and all are torn away from their families at a young age.

In recent years, Dubai has become one of the world’s top tourist destinations. The city features beautiful resorts and an active nightlife scene, but the addition of this “abusement” park would represent a stain on the city’s burgeoning reputation as a progressive and exciting destination. Sign the petition letter below and help keep this abusive company out of Dubai.


Dear Sheikh Mohammed,

Since its history of animal abuse, attacks on trainers, and inhumane entertainment has been exposed, SeaWorld has been struggling in the United States. Attendance and revenue are down, and several corporate sponsors, including Virgin America, Southwest Airlines, and Taco Bell, have ended their associations with the company. Desperate for a boost, the company has decided to invest in international ventures, with plans to build a park in the Middle East–and Dubai seems to be the most likely target for their expansion.

Dubai is known as a vibrant tourist destination, but SeaWorld’s presence would be a stain on your city’s reputation. This is a company that abuses the very animals that make it so profitable, and to allow SeaWorld into Dubai would be to endorse their actions. I urge you to prevent this company from entering your city.


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Photo Credit: Marcelo Campos

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  1. Stephanie Geyser says:

    SeaWorld is under pressure to close-up shop in the USA. So now they want to relocate to a country where they will be untouchable. Disgusting SeaWorld. Disgusting Dubai. Disgusting Arabs.

  2. Gerald Bowman says:

    Sea World would do a good business there.. the people there care nothing about animals.
    Sea World is a horrible organisation and the people that are involved or employed must also be monsters.

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. Deborah Craig says:

    There is no way orcas can remain healthy living in a hotbox like Dubai. If Mexico City (temperature about 72 year round) was bad for an orca, how can they survive where temperatures are regularly over 100+ ? Living in small pens where they go nuts as well.

  5. Sea World pond-scum executives will stop at nothing to ensure that the psychological terrorism of these highly intelligent, sociable creatures endures…not matter what. The executives are certainly devoid of a moral compass and exhibit disturbing empathy deficits.

  6. Sea World executives have NO Heart ! ALL They care about is the $$$$ > I put them in same boat as Most elected officials

  7. If Sea World sets up housekeeping in a country like Dubai out of the US public’s eye that means that they can go to any ocean and grab any baby Orca they find. These Orca’s
    are found all over the world so they would be in danger of Sea World using the Dubai Government as a smoke screen for kidnapping baby Orca’s they need as replacements for any that died in their Dubai park. No one would know what they are doing because the US has no jurisdiction in Dubai. Once they are set up and in operation its to late all the petitions that are sent to Sea World will be tossed in the shredder.

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