Take Foie Gras Off Restaurant Menus


Target: Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York

Goal: Ban the sale of foie gras in New York restaurants and other establishments.

Foie gras is the result of excessive animal suffering and needs to be taken off of restaurant menus. Foie gras is considered a popular delicacy that most restaurant goers around the world eat and enjoy, but are unaware of the torture and cruelty male ducks and geese are forced to endure in a horrible process known as “gavage.”

Using metal pipes that often tear at and damage their esophagus, the animals are force fed large quantities of grain in order to engorge their liver. This causes a number of health problems, stress and extreme suffering in the first two weeks prior to the slaughter of the animal. Many of them don’t survive the process and the ones that do often completely lose their ability to move due to the unnatural expansion of their abdomens.

Infections, neck wounds, tumors, and lesions are only a few examples of the after-effects of the gavage. In addition to this, since foie gras is made from male birds only, thousands of female ducklings and goslings are deemed useless and tossed into grinders alive.

Sign this petition to support the circumvention of supply and demand of foie gras in New York by asking Governor Cuomo to prohibit all commercial sales of it in restaurants and stores.


Dear Governor Cuomo,

Everyday, thousands of male ducks and geese suffer through a force-feeding process known as the “gavage” in order to prepare them to be slaughtered and sold to restaurants as foie gras. This is a dish that has been outlawed in other states and countries around the world due to the cruelty and torture these birds are forced to endure in the process.

Foie gras is considered a delicacy by most American restaurants while diners are left completely unaware of the horrible methods that are used to produce it. At birth, the male birds are stuffed in tiny cages and force-fed huge  quantities of grain with a large metal pipe that destroys their esophagus and sternums, impairs their liver function, and causes fungal infections, tumors, lesions, and pneumonia.

Many die in the process–those that survive continue to suffer for weeks until they are slaughtered for their engorged livers. Since foie gras is only made from male birds, the female ducklings and goslings in the facilities are considered useless and, at birth, are thrown into grinders alive.

This is an act of animal cruelty that could be avoided by greatly reducing demand for it in commercial environments. Please support the movement to end the production and sales of foie gras by prohibiting sales of it in your state and requiring that restaurants take it off their menus.


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Photo Credit: GAIA (Global Action in the Interest of Animals)

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