Prosecute Man Who Allegedly Slaughtered and Burned Dogs for Trespassing


Target: Jasper Country Prosecuting Attorney Christine M. Haskell

Goal: Charge man who allegedly shot three dogs and burned their bodies because they were outside of his property fence.

A woman’s dogs were reportedly shot to death and their bodies burned up by a man who spotted them outside of his property fence and decided to kill them instead of driving them off or calling animal control. According to the accused, Randy Wall, he had to shoot the dogs because they were a threat to the deer he breeds on his property. He says that he saw them trying to get under his fence and drove them away, but when they came back, he shot all three of them as a “last resort.”

According to police, Wall’s conduct was within the law on killing domestic animals, which states that it’s legal as long as the person who killed the animals “reasonably believes” it was necessary to “protect the property of the accused person from destruction or substantial damage.” Police are apparently interpreting this vague language to side with Wall even though the dogs weren’t even technically on his property.

The dogs’ owner, Dana Drew, lives in a subdivision and says that her dogs would have been afraid of the deer since they would have never seen such an animal before. It seems unlikely that the dogs would have been able to hurt the deer, especially from outside the fence. It also seems suspect that Wall did not try to take additional action to avoid having to shoot the dogs such as calling animal control to round up what he correctly identified as domesticated dogs that clearly belonged to somebody.

Furthermore, Wall’s neighbors allege that he got on a four-wheeler and chased the dogs down for 20 minutes, firing dozens of shots at them as they fled before he killed the last dog. This sounds more like a brutal hunt than an attempt to protect one’s property.

Thanks to the fact that Wall burned the bodies for some unstated reason, Drew can’t even have a proper burial for her deceased companions. Because police decided not to investigate, she may never find justice if we don’t speak up for her and for Storm, Lola, and Buster. Sign this petition to demand that the incident be investigated and that Randy Wall be changed for the unnecessary slaughter of these dogs.


Dear Ms. Haskell,

Three dogs were recently shot and killed and their bodies burned by Demotte resident Randy Wall. Wall claims that they were threatening the deer he raises on his property yet admits that he only tried to drive them off once before killing them and that they had not yet breached his property fence.

According to his neighbors, Wall spent 20 minutes on a four-wheeler hunting the dogs down. This seems like a completely unnecessary action to protect animals that are quite a bit larger than most dogs. He didn’t even call animal control for help.

The details of this case do not add up. Now, a woman has to grieve her companion animals without justice because the police declined to even investigate. This kind of deadly cruelty cannot be allowed to go unpunished. We demand that you look into the case and charge Randy Wall in the death of Storm, Lola, and Buster.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. It has become MORE than OBVIOUS! We must have harsher penalties for these humans who go BEYOND reason to inflict pain & death
    upon innocent animals BEHAVING as animals. Is DEATH for the pepetrator too harsh?? DON~t think so anymore as the problem continues…

  2. Animal cruelty is a CLASS A FELONY! Why isnt this man in prison, you evil assholes!

  3. timjoebillybob says:

    Just a couple of things. The dogs were on his property according to reports, they were not trying to get under his property fence, they were trying to get into pens that contained his livestock. Second, that is according to one anonymous neighbor who supposedly told the owner or friends/family of the owner. And Tina White animal cruelty is not a class a felony, it is a level 6 (old class d).

  4. Gerald Bowman says:

    Wonder where the owners of the dogs were?
    Why did the Perp not call them?
    Seems like he wanted to hurt the dogs.
    He should have his ass buried under the jailhouse!

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