Justice for Gruesomely Killed Chickens


Target: Richmond County, North Carolina Superior Court Judge Richard T. Brown

Goal: Denounce minor sentence for farm worker who killed chickens by stomping and hammering their heads and swinging them by their neck.

A farm worker reportedly flung a chicken around by its neck and used his heel to grind another one’s head into the ground, and also hammered the head of another and threw a fourth against a wall, killing the innocent animals. According to reports, the 22-year-old farm worker plead guilty and received only a 45-day jail sentence, but he’ll receive credit for 27 days already spent in jail. So this violent monster will actually only serve a short sentence and will be out and free to gruesomely murder more animals.

This man is clearly heartless, violent, and holds a dangerous disregard for other life. The sentence he received for these heinous chicken killings is a slap on the wrist. It seems the North Carolina court system must not take animal life very seriously or his sentence would’ve been more fitting for his crimes.

The chances of him committing similar or worse violent crimes is likely to be high. This demented man should be barred from ever working around animals again. Please sign to denounce this miscarriage of justice and demand better sentencing in the future.


Dear Judge Richard Brown,

A farm worker reportedly plead guilty to killing chickens in the most gruesome ways–by hammering one’s head, swinging one by the neck, slamming one against a wall, and stomping another’s head into the ground. This behavior is beyond violent, yet the demented man only received a short 45-day sentence with 27 days already counting as part of his time served.

The tiny sentence for such gruesome animal cruelty is appalling. He’s obviously a violent man who committed horrific killings more than once. He shouldn’t ever be allowed around animals. We demand a lengthier punishments for animal abusers and that they never be allowed to own or work with animals again.


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Photo credit: Richmond County Jail

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  1. Wendy Morrison says:

    If this farm worker kills innocent chickens in a violent manner and only gets 45 days in jail what type of sentence with this judge give if he kills innocent children and adults. This judge didn’t give this farm worker merderer enough time behind bars in my opinion.
    Do the exact same horribly thing to him as he did to these innocent defenseless chickens!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes I believe this Sadist needs a harsher sentence & should NEVER be allowed to be a farmer. His violence will only escalate. Many Profilers believe that a Serial Killer starts off torturing & killing animals first.

  2. stacey mcrae says:

    I’m guessing he is an ILLEGAL ALIEN! DEPORT his worthless ass!

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. I sincerely hope all the people that are outraged are vegans, otherwise YOU supply the demand that allows this to happen. There is no humane way to murder someone. Whether they are stomped on or have their throat slit as
    happens in “humane” slaughter, it is an abomination that you are sanctioning.

    • Natasha polychuk says:

      that is so true!!!

    • The cruelty and suffering committed against all sentient beings on this planet purely for torture and the thrill of the kill or to fill the guts of the human species is an abomination.
      Every one has the right to express their opinions of disgust and horror, what this vile and evil subhuman monster committed against these innocent sentient beings, whether THEY ARE VEGAN, VEGETARIAN OR WHAT EVER.

      • Jackie Vargus says:

        I agree, Bev! Tristan is NOT doing any good for the animal rights movement by alienating people who are not vegan, yet want to help the animals (signing petitions, donating, etc…) She is only weakening our bond as animal right activists. Yes, I am vegan, but I wasn’t always vegan. I started out by signing petitions, like this one and learning before I became vegetarian, then learned more, and am now living a vegan lifestyle. I do NOT judge others, though, who have compassion for animals. Everybody is in a different place in their journey to help end the suffering of all animals. Every little bit helps, even if it is just signing a petition, or getting the word out. We cannot afford to dismiss the help of advocates who are not vegan. We need to unite in our mission.

  5. Richmond County, North Carolina Superior Court RICHARD T. BROWN: This demented man should be barred from ever working around animals again. This sicko is killing chickens by stomping and hammering their heads and swinging them by their neck. Next, dear Judge RICHARD T. BROWN, he WILL be doing it to children, your children or mine. This guy deserves YEARS behind bars where animal lovers there will give him the punishment he deserves…

  6. anita culling says:

    People like this must be stopped. All animals and creatures should be protected from vile individuals

  7. Natasha polychuk says:

    hicks why aren’t i surprised……………..

  8. Gerald Bowman says:

    What a monster!

  9. Why are other animal abusers on this site named but this POS is merely a “farm worker”? Am I the only one suspecting that he is an illegal alien? Why is his identity being protected from the immigration authorities? The company for whom he worked should be investigated for its hiring practices. I’m glad I’m a vegetarian because I never need worry that the chicken I’m eating may be killed in this gruesome way.

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