Don’t Kill Defenseless Beavers


Target: Thomas F. Kelaher and City Councilmen of Toms River, New Jersey

Goal: Replace inhumane beaver traps that senselessly kill all types of animals with more humane devices to stop flooding.

Many innocent beavers are in danger of being trapped and killed. We need to take action to stop any and all senseless deaths from taking place.

City councilmen of Toms River, New Jersey have apparently determined beavers need to be trapped because resident homes are in danger of being flooded by the dams the animals build. Sadly, the traps that are proposed to be used to solve this problem–conibear traps–are cruel devices that snaps the beaver’s spinal column at the neck when the trap is entered. In many cases, the beaver suffers a great amount of pain before finally passing away. Unfortunately, oftentimes other animals also get trapped and die in these horrible devices.

A local animal organization known as the Unexpected Wildlife Refuge has already said they would put an apparatus in a central pond that would stop any flooding that could potentially be caused by beaver dams. However, according to the group, the mayor refuses to listen to any such ideas and—instead—is insistent on keeping up the cruel traps.

Demand any traps be taken down immediately and that more humane ways be utilized to deal with flooding or any other potential problems caused by beaver dams. Innocent animals do not deserve to die when there are more humane ways to solve the problem.


Dear Mayor Kelaher,

Traps have apparently been set out to catch and kill several beavers in your town. It is important that humane methods be used to solve any problems caused by beavers in order to spare the lives of several animals.

These traps oftentimes cause an unnecessary amount of pain to a beaver before finally killing it. In addition, cats, dogs and other animals also get stuck in these traps and die. Since the animal organization Unexpected Wildlife Refuge has volunteered to install a device that would stop flooding caused by beaver dams near Lake Placid, using inhumane traps to kill these animals is simply inexcusable.

I therefore urge you to immediately have any such traps removed and to support using more humane methods to solve potential problems that may be caused as a result of beaver dams being built. Innocent animals do not deserve to die when there are more civil solutions that can be utilized.


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  2. Kathryn Lezenby says:

    I heard a heartbreaking recording made of the sounds of a beaver as he swam around and around in the place where his dam had once been the night after his family was killed in its removal. His grief was so clear from his cries. Beavers are intelligent animals with emotions and strong family bonds. Dams are really their ingenious solution to survival and also serve an important part in the natural ecosystem. It is too bad our way of living is so counter to nature that we can only see beavers and their dams as nuisances, but the beavers shouldn’t suffer because of that. I would urge you to learn more about beavers and try to coexist with them, but if you think that is impossible, please relocate them to a place where they are safe.

  3. Wendy Morrison says:

    Leave beavers and all the other animals alone for the rest of their natural lives! NO more KILLING of beavers and all other animals too!!!!!!
    Quit these SENSELESS killings IMNEDIATELY!!!!!

  4. sandra mason says:

    could we please, also, outlaw ALL kill traps everywhere for every animal for every reason! we can’t kill animals simply because they are inconvenient or in our way. “mankind” the ultimate oxymoron.

  5. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Its sickening how some scumbags think that they are God and decide on the life and freedom of animals. This is barbaric and just another form of animal cruelty.

  6. Cecily Colloby says:

    So beavers are being a nuisance, are they??The biggest and most destructive nuisance on this earth is the human race so why are we not trapping and killing a few of them???

  7. Julie Keeney says:

    Why do people build their stupid houses so close to a rivers edge that they have to worry about a beaver dam or two. One of the best protections against drought are beavers. If we hadn’t killed them all off for fur hats a hundred years or so ago, all our rivers would be depper, hold more water and more wildlife. Why do we have to be so stupid?

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