Punish Cops Who Allegedly Laughed While Shooting Puppy

Dog Playing Dead

Target: Chester City Police Department

Goal: Launch investigation into officers who allegedly took turns shooting a puppy eight times while laughing about it.

Two police officers have been accused of shooting a one-year-old puppy several times while smiling, then laughing after telling the owner that she didn’t have a dog anymore. According to reports, Chester, Pennsylvania resident Christie Fry, she awoke in her home to the sound of gunshots and was horrified to see the officers firing their guns in her backyard as her dog Bear screamed.

Apparently the dog was secured properly in the yard, and that instead of knocking on her door to talk to her about supposed complaints about her pet, the police went straight onto her property, through her gate, and killed Bear. The animal control officer with them claims that Bear broke his restraints and knocked him over, but did not say that the dog bit him or attempted to hurt him. For this, the officers felt it necessary to pump eight bullets into the puppy. They then allegedly said to Fry: “Well you don’t have a dog anymore. He’s done now!”

Even if the officers didn’t smile and laugh and act as utterly unprofessional and callous as Fry claims, a one-year-old puppy knocking a man over should not elicit such an extreme response. The only thing Bear ever did wrong was bark at the construction crew next door. No puppy deserves to die for that. Sign to demand that the Chester Police Department investigate the officers involved in the death of Bear.


Dear Chester Police Department Chief,

Two of your officers have been accused of shooting a one-year-old puppy owned by a Chester resident eight times for supposedly knocking down the animal control officer they were with. Apparently, the three men did not knock on her door to wake her when they came to look into supposed complaints about her dog’s barking. Instead, according to reports, they went straight into her backyard where she had tied up her puppy and shot him to death.

Reportedly, Fry was awoken to gunshots and the sound of her dog screaming. When she looked out the window, she saw the officers smiling as they took turns firing. Allegedly, one of the cops laughed after tell her that she no longer had a dog.

This is an extremely inappropriate way for police officers to behave. Even if it’s not true that they smiled and laughed about killing a puppy, there is no reason to shoot an animal to death just because it jumped on a person and knocked him over. The animal control officer didn’t even say that the dog tried to bite him. Bear was probably just excited, as puppies naturally are when they see new people.

Dogs are not target practice for police officers. They’re intelligent, loving animals that make their owners lives better and don’t deserve to be slaughtered for no reason. We demand that you launch an investigation into this incident and punish the officers involved if they’re found guilty of unnecessary brutality.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Chris Christie

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  1. Patricia Pippin-Emanuel Patricia Pippin-Emanuel says:

    There is NO PUNISHMENT too HARSH for these unfeeling sub-humans. They are the LOWEST OF THE LOW…. They make me SICK!!!!!

  2. These vile and heartless Cops must be brought to Justice and jailed for deliberate animal torture and suffering. Being bloody vile cops they think they should get away with this sadism, committed against a defenceless and innocent puppy.
    Oh! how this makes you hate and despise the bloody vile Cops. I wish someone would put a few bullets into them until they die. Evil bastards.

  3. Natasha polychuk says:

    they have a tiny penis that should be shot off!! I would laugh my head off!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Give me a gun!!I’ll shoot these worthless pos and smile and laugh while I’m doing it!!

  5. Prish Hackman says:

    oh…looks like i signed this twice….well, for sure nobody can ever sign a bloody awful thing like this ENOUGH!!! Get this kind of human attitude and scum OFF of our planet now! Had enough of all of this kind of total lack of understanding and empathy. Animals of all kinds ARE INNOCENT, including MANY MANY cases of public citizens…WE ARE ALL ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    although the HUMAN BEING CONSISTENTLY has unforgivable behavior TO ANSWER FOR, still NEVER stops with CONTINUALLY trying to control MOTHER NATURE, OUR GOD….THE ONLY GOD…MOTHER NATURE…there IS NOTHING else, so DO AWAY WITH ALL THE OTHER CRAP!!!!! Everyone needs to pay FAR more attention to what’s going on around them ON THIS planet…listen, see, smell and get those things out of your ears and the smart phones and computers out of your vicinity, your vision so that you can once again be a part of the whole, a complete soul again with all of you own natural senses.
    Bear, may you rest in peace, bless your precious little soul. I will continue to fight for your rights until I die.Those police need some serious therapy…and if they don’t accept a whole new mode of life, may they rot in hell.

  6. these officers are not fit to be in the police department. These kind of men need to be put in the armed forces and made to fight our enemies. Then see how macho they are. Wow big brave men with a weapon can shoot a defenseless animal for no reason. Let see how brave they are when they face
    the Muslims.


    What a world this where we living!
    American policemans they all think they are cowboys!

  8. Anna Conaghan says:

    It is no wonder that cops in the US are getting away with this, maybe its actions like this going unpunished that end up with cops thinking they can do whatever they like. Look at how cops are indiscriminately murdering humans, it seems evident that hardended criminals are now more trustworthy than ANY COP

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