Justice for Cat Shot in Head with Bow and Arrow


Target: Travis J. Koehn, Austin County District Attorney

Goal: Prosecute woman who allegedly shot and killed cat with bow and arrow.

After allegedly posting a photo of herself holding a dead cat with an arrow through its head to her Facebook account last Spring, Texas veterinarian Kristen Lindsey was swiftly fired. Public outrage pushed for the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners to revoke Lindsey’s license. However, an investigation into the killing produced no criminal charges for Lindsey, and she has even reportedly appealed the revocation of her license. It’s clear Lindsey feels no remorse for her alleged actions and does not understand the severity of what she’s done.

The caption on the gruesome picture bragged how the “feral cat” was Lindsey’s “first bow kill.” Despite her apparent judgement the cat wasn’t owned and thus expendable, the cat is actually believed to have been a neighbor’s pet, named Tiger. The cat in the photo shows identical markings to Tiger, and his owners allegedly reported the cat disappeared and never returned. Regardless of whether the cat was owned or feral, it is illegal in all 50 states to intentionally kill a cat. There is no “open season” on feral cats and thus no excuse for slaughtering this animal.

The District Attorney also noted that no charges could be filed due to a lack of proof the incident occurred in Texas. However, the picture posted to social media is clearly incriminating. Furthermore, an affidavit reportedly voluntarily signed by Lindsey confirmed the shooting occurred on her property in the state of Texas. In light of this information there is more than enough evidence to prosecute Lindsey for criminal animal cruelty. Demand justice for Tiger and sign the petition below to encourage the Austin County District Attorney to reopen the case.


Dear District Attorney Koehn,

I find it appalling that no criminal charges have been filed against Kristen Lindsey, the woman who allegedly killed a cat and posted a photo of herself and the deceased animal to social media. The case was apparently dropped due to a lack of proof the incident occurred in Texas, and because the cat was supposedly feral and not owned.

This explanation is riddled with legal errors. Intentionally killing a cat, dog, or other domestic animal is illegal in all 50 states. Texas criminal animal cruelty law specifically forbids killing or seriously injuring “domesticated living creature(s) or any wild living creature previously captured.” I find it hard to believe the cat in question did not manage to fit that description.

Additionally, an affidavit reportedly voluntarily signed by Lindsey herself confirmed the shooting occurred on her property, which we know to be located in the state of Texas. In light of all this information, there is just no excuse not to file criminal animal cruelty charges against Lindsey.

Ignoring the heartless slaughter of this cat reinforces the dangerous idea that it’s ok to torment and kill animals for pleasure. We must not allow people, especially those who are supposed to care for our pets, harm animals with no consequence. Lindsey’s reported appeal of the revocation of her veterinary license clearly shows she does not understand the harm in her actions or feel remorse. Please stand up for animals and ensure Lindsey is prosecuted to the full extent of the law if guilty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Hisashi

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  1. Denise Poole says:

    How can someone who heartlessly killed a cat, be allowed to practice as a vet! How dare she even call herself a vet, everyone should boycott this vet’s practice – who would actually want this person treating their animal anyway after hearing what she’s done. This person must be punished for what she has done, and she should also lose her licence to treat animals.

    • Natasha polychuk says:

      she was fired denise.

    • Denise Poole says:

      Yes but she has been allowed to keep her license so she can go on to practice again, and she has not been charged for this cruelty.

      • sandra mason says:

        the Texas Board of Veterinarians has revoked her license. she is appealing the decision. you can contact the board and thank them and ask them not to reverse their decision. apparently there is money and connections in her family and she owns a horse sanctuary in Montana where she could maybe get a license. I can’t understand anyone trusting their pet with someone who took such joy and pride in killing any animal.

  2. Natasha polychuk says:

    fat ugly bitch sgould get an arrow through her empty head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, HELL ya! That psychopathic vet deserves nothing less than what she did to Tiger…and same for all her veterinary-field supporters, AND the DA in TX! All a bunch of no-good, unevolved hicks!

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