Save Coyotes and Other Wildlife From Trapping

Coyote Puppy in Trap by Chris Sansenbach

Target: Charles S. Dean, Sr. Florida Senator and Chair of the Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation

Goal: Use humane trapping methods to catch coyotes and release them into the wild instead of using snare traps that cause them to suffer and die.

Coyotes are inhumanely trapped and killed every day in Florida, even though they are a great asset to the Florida environment. We need to take action to better ensure these animals will be protected in the future.

While many people consider coyotes to be pests, they are extremely helpful to Florida’s various ecosystems. They keep the rodent population down since rats and mice are their main source of food. Because they help other animals survive by eating various predators, coyotes are known as a keystone species. For instance, they also eat other small predators that eat the eggs of important bird populations and–in turn–better ensure those bird species thrive. Without their presence, balance in the food chain could not be properly maintained and many ecosystems would suffer.

Unfortunately, it is legal to catch coyotes year round in several Florida counties. Snare traps are sometimes used and coyotes oftentimes suffer and bleed for hours before they die. Even when humane traps are utilized, the law requires that the animals be killed after they are caught.

There are things people can do to ensure coyotes are not a nuisance. Keeping pet food and animals inside and walking dogs in the daytime when coyotes are not active better ensures that people and coyotes can successfully share the same environment.

Support the safe trapping and release of these beautiful animals, as well as providing Florida citizens with conservation education pertaining to coyotes. The more coyotes that we kill, the more quickly other pertinent animal species will also die off.


Dear Senator Dean,

Several coyotes are trapped and killed in Florida each year. It is important that these animals be humanely trapped and released in order to better ensure they and other animals remain unharmed.

Although coyotes are considered by some people to be pests, they play an important role in helping Florida’s ecosystems to thrive. Since they eat mice and rats, they keep the rodent population low. They also help other animals survive because they are a keystone species. In fact, as a keystone species they kill off other predators besides rodents that would otherwise kill many important animals in the Florida environment.

If Florida citizens were encouraged to make small changes, both coyotes and people would be better able to survive peacefully in the same environment. Such changes could include keeping pets and pet food inside, keeping dogs on leashes and walking dogs during the daytime when coyotes are not active.

I therefore encourage you to support the humane trapping and safe release of these animals over using snare traps that only serve to ensure coyotes will suffer and to further encourage that conservation programs be set in place to teach people how they can harmoniously live in the same environment with these animals. Many other animals that are essential to Florida’s environment will also die off if coyotes are mercilessly killed.


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Photo Credit: Chris Sansenbach

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  1. No animals are pests! The problem is that certain ranchers, farmers, hunters, or corporations are more concerned about their profits than the lives of animals! In addition, many of these cruel people are sociopaths of the worst kind. They don’t care how much suffering they cause to innocent animals just attempting to survive!
    Coyotes are integral to ecosystems. They are beautiful animals that have been the targets of some very sick monstrous subhumans. Sickeningly cruel traps should be permanently banned! This atrocious cruelty toward coyotes MUST END! We have done entirely too much damage to our wildlife and caused incredible suffering. How much more selfish and twisted will these psychopaths get?!

  2. michael guest says:

    This is unfair and unacceptable. Just like the wolves, these wild creatures are also part of the ecosystem. This is not the right thing to do. Trapping of coyote and other wildlife needs to be stopped and banned before they become extinct. Conservation matters a lot. Action is now!

  3. Heather Brophy says:

    ALWAYS Florida!

  4. so typical if they get in the way kill them, god help the animal kingdom, from the low life scum bags.


  6. These cruel and brutal traps cause so much needless suffering! A bill to outlaw all these snares and leghold traps must call for these vile traps to be banned all across this country!

  7. Sadly, those with the “kill” mentality don’t have a clue what compassion and respect really mean! To go through life with the goal of killing wildlife and others has to be the saddest way for a human to exist on this earth! Their ignorance causes immeasurable pain and suffering! So very tragic!

  8. Cecily Colloby says:

    The only real pests on this planet are the bloody human race…..

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