Demand Animal Cruelty Investigation into Zookeeper and Trainer


Target: Paul Martin, Chief of Police, Durham Regional Police Service

Goal: Investigate PETA’s allegations that Bowmanville Zoological Park owner and animal trainer Michael Hackenberger beat a Siberian tiger until it defecated in fear.

Although already denying the allegations on his Bowmanville Zoological Park’s website, PETA has released undercover video footage of animal trainer Michael Hackenberger allegedly whipping a Siberian tiger 20 times on the face and paws. The savage beating was so traumatic on the young animal that it defecated in fear during the row. Hackenberger is heard saying on the video that he “got a bit angry there,” and despite his back-peddling now, further says, “If … we’d been running a videotape … of the times I struck this animal … PETA would burn this place to the ground.”

Hackenberger told the PETA undercover eyewitness on the videotape that he likes “hitting him in the face…it stings more.” Others have seen Hackenberger’s anger and cruel behavior toward animals when he publically swore at a baboon that botched a live television stunt, and when one researches his zoological park in Ontario, Canada alone, one can see poor reviews reflecting dismal conditions and unhealthy looking animals. Demand the Durham Regional Police Service investigate PETA’s allegations of Michael Hackenberger’s animal abuse.


Dear Chief Martin,

I am writing to request that you open an inquisition into PETA’s allegation that Bowmanville Zoological Park owner and animal trainer Michael Hackenberger unnecessarily and cruelly beat a Siberian tiger until it defecated in fear. PETA has released a video tape of beating, and contends that Hackenberger can be heard on the tape not only acknowledging that he beat the helpless animal out of anger, but also that he enjoyed whipping the tiger in the face because it hurt the animal more.

Fully investigate PETA’s allegations and charge Hackenberger with animal cruelty if warranted. Please also investigate the conditions at Hackenberger’s Bowmanville Zoological Park. Online reviews suggest the park is not inhabitable and the animals unhealthy.


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Photo Credit: Citypeek

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  1. My heart absolutely breaks for all the utter hell “big cats” endure at the evil hands of man…all for a massively twisted sense of ‘entertainment.’ This world is hugely depraved, everyone who attends/funds such venues is depraved AND stupid beyond belief, and these animal abusers are evil beings whose souls are rotten to the core. There is no “cure” for these pieces of slime, so I say “death penalty” for all the sickening perps in the “exotic animal” trade, end of story. The animals can’t wait on the useless and antiquated court system’s answers, which only mete out mere slaps on the wrist anyway. It’s beyond time animal abuse was outlawed in its entirety and not just given fake lip service!

    • David Lavery says:

      I agree , there should be a death penalty for animal abusers but the Law is too soft and stupid.
      That feller should never be allowed near animals, he’s obviously cruel and sadistic and has no humanity. I wouldn’t be disappointed though if one day one of the Tigers got him, I hope that day comes.

  2. This is how most animals are treated in captivity unfortunately it happens way to often.To be beaten and whipped into submission to the point of defecating in fear is beyond cruel in my opinion.These majestic animals belong in the wild not in some cheap circus or some persons yard.Its time for this to end once and for all.!!

  3. Natasha polychuk says:

    zoos are shitholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Lilian Caughlin says:

    It’s important that wild animals are no longer used in the film industry or otherwise. What was done years ago no longer applies since almost everybody now knows that any wild animal belongs into a wildlife habitat like a sanctuary if the real home in the wild is unobtainable. With todays animations there is no need for exploitation.
    As far as this POS is concerned only an eye for an eye will do. Coward.

  5. this guy is the perfect example of why all zoos and animal for entertainment industry needs to be shut down. This man is sick and needs mental help… What an egomaniac, sadistic sicko. Please leave wild animals in the wild PLEASE! If we lived in a sane world he would be jailed for animal cruelty.

  6. anita culling says:

    All who are cruel to animals should be punished as if they did this to humans. When will the world wake up and join together to stop evil people getting away with these evil things

  7. these really are cowardly human beings, they can only hurt and torture something smaller that their selves, i think they should be treated the same way, if only, it is about time people should not get away with cruelty to any animal.

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