Stop Brutally Killing Sheep for Shoes[1]

Target: Angel R. Martinez, CEO of Deckers Outdoor Corporation (owners of UGG Australia)

Goal: Stop manufacturing UGG boots out of sheepskin obtained from abused and murdered sheep.

UGG boots are made from the skin of terrified and tortured sheep. The ubiquitous clothing item causes unimaginable suffering and death to countless innocent animals. A PETA investigation shows sheep allegedly being stomped on and punched while being shorn for their wool, before they are sent off to be slaughtered for their skin. Lambs’ tails are often sliced off, males are castrated without anesthesia and sheeps’ ears are hole-punched, merely so that they can be identified.

Former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson, who is often credited with having popularized this footwear, publicly condemned UGGs after discovering how they were made: “I never realiz[ed] that they were SKIN! … People like to tell me all the time that I started that trend — yikes! Well let’s start a new one — do NOT buy UGGs!”

The majority of sheep bred and killed for their wool, skin or meat are also victims of a practice called mulesing, where large chunks of the skin on their backside are cut off without painkillers to prevent an infection by blowflies called flystrike. Yet the only reason sheep are vulnerable to this disease is because they have been bred to have more skin, and thus more wrinkles and creases, in order to produce larger quantities of wool for human use.

Every single pair of UGG boots comes from extreme cruelty to animals. Even faux UGGs were recently revealed to be made out of raccoon dog fur, with these animals raised in cramped, filthy fur farms in China and skinned alive, all for a pair of shoes.

Help sheep by pledging never to buy boots made from an animal’s body part and by signing this petition urging the company owning UGG Australia to stop using sheepskin.


Dear Mr. Martinez,

The infamous UGG boots your company sells are the product of extreme cruelty inflicted on innocent animals. In sheepskin production, sheep are brutally handled before being sent to slaughter. They suffer their entire lives and are castrated and have their tails chopped off as lambs without anesthetic. Their ears are also hole-punched and skin from their backsides is chopped off in a vile practice called “mulesing.”

Even Pamela Anderson, who once popularized the trend, has condemned UGG boots after discovering what they were made of. She has now spoken out against the shoes, saying “I never realized they were SKIN!” and telling consumers “do NOT buy UGGs.”

Considering that various brands are now coming up with popular cruelty-free alternatives, it is high time that UGG Australia banned its archaic practice of using the skin of innocent tortured animals in its clothing items. I urge you to end the suffering of countless sheep by replacing sheepskin with another cruelty-free material in your UGG boots.


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Photo credit: Bill Nicholls

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  1. Natasha polychuk Natasha polychuk says:

    uggs are so fuckin ugly

  2. Frick…wake up people, and just quit buying animal co-products altogether! The real power is in the hands of the bloody consumer, so TAKE YOUR POWER BACK AND USE IT WISELY AND KINDLY!!! Then we won’t HAVE to fight all this rampant animal abuse because there won’t BE any of these industries left after they all go bankrupt for lack of demand in the marketplace!!!

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. anita culling says:

    Uggs are so ugly. Evil cruelty. Most people probably are not aware of how uggs are made. I see people daily wearing them. More information of how they are made needs to be circulated

  5. I will sign this when peta stops killing animals. Pamela Anderson didn’t realize they were “skin?” I guess she is also illiterate as well as talentless.

  6. dear god what is the matter with these evil vile so called human beings, they should be slaughtered, i only wish i could do it.


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