Save Hundreds of Thousands of Squirrels From Being Murdered


Target: European Union Director-General for Environment, Daniel Calleja Crespo

Goal: Stop the planned taxpayer-funded cull of grey squirrels.

Hundreds of thousands of squirrels will be killed in 2016, thanks to recently approved legislation by the EU. Under this new EU law, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy must organize and carry out the slaughter of grey squirrels from next year onwards using methods that include bludgeoning, poisoning and shooting the animals. This cruel practice will be funded by taxpayer money from all EU countries.

Moreover, the cull will continue into the time of year when female squirrels are nursing their young. Thus, the mass murder of nursing females will cause hundreds of thousands of baby squirrels to starve to death. This practice is therefore illegal, as starving animals is considered torture and is in breach of the animal welfare standards set by the World Organization for Animal Health.

Numerous animal welfare organizations including PETA and Animal Aid have pointed out that killing grey squirrels is not only ecologically and socially damaging but incredibly cruel and inhumane. It is also a complete waste of taxpayer money. Similar to the large-scale badger cull carried out in the United Kingdom over the last three years, there is no logic to the squirrel cull. The only people set to benefit from it are those involved in the business of killing wild animals for profit.

Sign this petition urging European Union officials to cancel the inhumane grey squirrel cull.


Dear Environment Director-General Calleja Crespo,

The European Union’s plan to kill hundreds of thousands of grey squirrels in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy is cruel and utterly pointless. Indeed, scientific research has long dispelled myths about grey squirrels and the problems allegedly caused by them were once blamed on red squirrels who have been culled to near extinction in the United Kingdom.

The methods involved in the cull — including poisoning, bludgeoning to death and trapping and shooting — are incredibly inhumane, not to mention that some are downright illegal. As the cull is set to continue throughout the season when female squirrels nurse their young, killing the mothers will cause hundreds of thousands of baby squirrels to starve to death. Starving an animal is in breach of the World Organization for Animal Health’s standards of animal welfare.

Not only is this new law cruel and inhumane, it is also pointless and a complete waste of taxpayer money. I urge you to save squirrels from a painful and unnecessary death and cancel this brutal program immediately.


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Photo credit: Diliff

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  1. Signez à dolument

  2. Signez absolument

  3. F’in humans…

  4. These squirrels are an invasive species which carry a disease which has wiped out most of the native red squirrel. They must go!

    They are also bigger than the red squirrel so they displace them. They must go!

    They also eat 20 x as many birds eggs and nestlings as red squirrels do. They are very damaging to native birds. They must go!

    Not all animals are harmless or helpful. Some are invasive and damaging and the grey squirrel is one of these!

    If you want justice for it then demand it re the rich ppl who brought it here on purpose 100 years ago! Ask their estate to pay for the cost of their removal!

  5. anita culling says:

    Dont do this. It is cruel and pointless

  6. I have grey squirrels on my farm. They do not harm birds. I would never harm the squirrels. They eat nuts and acorns not birds. Black snakes eat eggs and birds.

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