End Bullfighting in Spain


Target: Embassy of Spain Counselor Belén Moreno Raymundo

Goal: End the cruel tradition of bullfighting throughout the world.

Bulls are being mistreated in many countries during traditional bullfighting festivals. Many youths of these regions aspire to become matadors because of the general acceptance and prestige of this brutal practice.

PETA reported that about one thousand bulls are killed each year due to bullfights. These fights force the bulls to enter an arena where they are stabbed with darts in order to cripple them. After a sufficient amount of blood is drained by the matador, who taunts the animal with a cape, the bull is pushed to run until it becomes disoriented and cannot fight back. Finally the matador will kill the animal or, if he fails, the executioner will kill the bull and may cut off its body parts to present as a gift to the matador.

Many Spaniards and French citizens are opposed to the practice of bullfighting, but it is still in practice because of its deep roots in cultural tradition. Despite the romanticism of this tradition for some people in these countries, bullfighting is severe animal abuse that psychologically and physically torments the helpless animals. Bull ranches must be closed down and bullfighting needs to be extinguished from cultural activity.

Demand that bullfighting be banned throughout Spain.


Dear Mrs. Belén Moreno Raymundo,

Bullfighting is a common practice throughout Spain and several other countries. The practice is an abuse of animal rights and causes bulls to experience psychological and physical trauma that no animal should endure.

The nature of these fights is to slowly torment and weaken the bulls, impairing and humiliating them until they are unable to fight back against the torture. Because the practice is integrated in the culture of these countries, many young people aspire to participate in it as adults. Therefore it’s important to raise awareness of the harmful effects of this activity so that it can begin to be fazed out as a common and accepted cultural tradition.

Many citizens from bullfighting countries have begun opposing the outdated practice and wish to protect the animals from this abuse. We urge you to help ban bullfighting in Spain and protect the rights of bulls.


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Photo Credit: Tomas Castelazo

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  1. David Lavery says:

    Any country that pretends tormenting and killing animals is a sport should be regarded as second class, they are not human enough to deserve any respect. And pretending they are just following tradition is another excuse for deliberate cruelty. Spain is a country of uncivilised idiots and not fit to be part of the Human race.

    • People who ‘ENJOY THE KILL’ are seriously MENTALLY ILL & PSYCHOPATHS ! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, on Spain, its people & its media. To, remain silent while this is still allowed makes them all COWARDS ! Shame on their Psychiatrists & mental health organizations, you are ALSO COWARDS !! for not EDUCATING CITIZENS about this, plus, the harm it does to children seeing a helpless animal stabbed to death as ENTERTAINMENT. They will go ‘DEAD INSIDE’ to block their pain? PLS post media & psychological associations for myself & others to write to !

  2. anita culling says:

    Its time that all countries let go of any tradition that involves the needless sick abuse of animals.
    Karma falls on anyone who inflicts cruelty to animals.

  3. There are many images which come to mind when one thinks of Spain: brilliant football teams, magnificent architecture and ……. bullfighting. The Spanish people let themselves down by persisting with this bloodthirsty, barbaric and grotesque display of medieval, mindless cruelty. The world watches aghast with horror and disgust at this appalling addiction. Yet it waits with open arms to welcome Spain into the 21st century and into the enlightened world of civilized behaviour, where respect and affection for animals is the norm. The Spanish people have it within their power to take this noble step forward. Please accept this invitation.

  4. these animal torturers are cursed murderer.
    in court after jail or…

  5. It truly is pitiful that this time-honored tradition involves
    heartless and cowardly men dressing up in costumes to pretend
    they are heroic, when it is just nothing but heart-wrenching
    cruelty to an innocent animal…It’s like a bad dream or
    nightmare of some kind, even to see a photo of these men
    pretending their cruelty is artistic in some unbelievable

  6. There is no such thing as bull fighting. The correct term for such a heinous activity is BULL MURDERING. The matadors are cowards who think that murdering an animal makes them macho or manly or cool or whatever. It doesn’t make them any of those things. These men are the ultimate COWARDS !!!! As for those who pay money to watch a bull murdered, they are nothing less than heartless morons who have nothing better to do with their time, let alone their minds (if they even have minds?).

  7. Natasha polychuk says:

    every country treats animals like shit!!!!!! goddamn government does nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  8. Stephanie Geyser says:

    That’s one country that I DON’T intend visiting – they won’t get their blood-soaked hands on my money.

  9. The horror these bulls endure is beyond the pale — LISTEN, PEOPLE! — DO everything in your power to shut down ALL these bull fighting events — KEEP AT IT until these brutal, draconian, cruel, unconscionable, immoral events are ABOLISHED! — Animals can then be transferred to Sanctuaries where they can live their lives normally — happily and comfortably.

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