Save Family of Orca Whales from Starvation


Target: President Obama, President of the United States of America

Goal: Demand the release of dams to save starving orcas.

Orcas are starving because dams are cutting off their food supply. The Lower Snake River dams are preventing the Chinook salmon migration from taking place. Without the salmon, the orcas are left without adequate nourishment. Urge politicians to breach these dams and give the orcas a chance for survival.

Washington’s orcas are starving due to the reduction of salmon in the Lower Snake River. Without their primary food source, the whales have been forced to digest their own blubber. This is dangerous. Whales survive primarily on salmon. The salmon, in turn, survive on highly toxic plankton. When the whales eat the salmon, the toxins build up in fat and remain in a benign state. However, when the whale digests its fat for nourishment those toxins are released into their body. A mother whale passes her blubber onto her offspring. The toxic blubber invades the calf’s body during pregnancy and creates a high infant mortality rate. In addition, the lack of food has caused the pods to split up, allowing fewer successful mating opportunities.

There are four dams in the Snake River. Removing these dams would open up 5,500 miles of spawning ground for the Chinook salmon. This would provide approximately 70 percent of the orca’s food supply. Sign below and urge the president to sign an executive order to breach these dams and save the starving orcas.


Dear President Obama,

Orcas are starving because dams are blocking off their primary food supply. Chinook salmon make their migration through the Lower Snake River and into the ocean. Dams on the river have cut off their traditional migratory path and prevented them from reaching the orca’s feeding grounds. We urge you to breach these dams and allow the orcas access to their food supply.

Orcas survive primarily on salmon. When salmon are scarce, the orcas feed on their own blubber to survive. This is dangerous due to the high toxicity of whale blubber. In addition, when a killer whale is pregnant, it passes its blubber to its offspring. This leads to a high infant mortality rate and puts the orca’s future at risk.

Breaching the dams would restore over half a million Chinook salmon to the Lower Snake River. This would account for approximately 70 percent of the orca’s food supply. We demand that you feed these starving orcas and give them a chance to thrive.


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  1. President of the United States of America and others who CAN do something about REMOVING these dams but CHOOSE TO DO NOTHING: I bet many of you are happy you were not born orcas… Please, remove these dams so these ORCAS can live. Thank you.

  2. Harry Anchan says:

    Will man’s complacency and lack of care for wildlife never end?

  3. michael guest says:

    Cutting off the food supplies for these whales is unfair. Remove and breach the dams to release the salmon that the whales depend on to eat.

  4. J M Harris Jr says:

    Denise: Why in the WORLD are you blaming President Obama for this ??? Do you think the POTUS has his hand in every tiny little detail that evolves in this nation? You should just like every Republican who posts on any social media site ….. it’s the president’s fault. Seriously ?????

  5. I’m trying to sign a petition about whales..I entered a valid e-mail address but get message too enter a “valid” address??? What’s going on with you?

    • If your email comes up automatically when you start typing it and you just hit enter it won’t work you have to actually type out the entire email yourself by hand

  6. who do we think we are that we can just starve these beautiful and wonderful creatures, what a sickening world this is becoming, or i should say is already. evil and vile

  7. Need info on how to post comment I wrote but had no option to post. Detoured to log in, logged in & when came back to try again to post, my comment was erased.
    If the objective is to get signatures on a petition & not to waste people, this “Animal Petitions” site is defeating the purpose.

  8. No puedo firmar, ya que rechaza la dirección de mi casa, no tengo código postal,en Colombia no es por regiones, si no por departamentos y tampoco me lo acepta.

    Lo siento, siempre he colaborado, pero con este cambio me es imposible.

  9. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    Humans built the dams. Please fix our error.

  10. Without food, we die — humans have options — what are the Orcas supposed to do!!?? —

    Orcas NEED their food!

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