Stop Drivers from Viciously Murdering Cats On Streets


Target: President of the United Arab Emirates Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Goal: Penalize drivers who intentionally run over the dozens of cats being dumped out on the street.

It’s been reported that an alarming number of cats are being killed on the streets of Abu Dhabi in recent weeks. One man, who says he’s already rescued ten — and had a dog dumped on his doorstep last week — stated that he sees dead cats on the streets every day. He’s also seen 30 to 40 cats roaming a local park where they’ve recently been dumped off. Some have already begun working towards remedies for spaying/neutering and helping get strays off the streets, but in the meantime, these cats are being violently harmed and killed. People have reported witnessing drivers deliberately running the cats down just to hit them.

These innocent animals are not always capable of surviving being thrown into harsh weather conditions and without regular food and water, much less being used as target practice by the demented drivers who are running them over.

This insanely large level of cat cruelty is beyond cruel. People must not be allowed to continue this cruelty. Demand that those found guilty of killing and hitting the innocent cats be penalized to the maximum extent.


Dear Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan,

It was brought to our attention that an alarmingly large number of cats are suddenly being dumped off — and many of them killed by humans just for fun — in the streets of Abu Dhabi.

We can’t stand by as hundreds of cats are being used in the most cruel and demented manners by local citizens who are reportedly running them over intentionally. This shows a disturbing lack of regard for life and it must not go unpunished. We urge you to implement security measures and start penalizing anyone found harming or hitting the cats intentionally.


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Photo credit: Garbyal

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  1. Kimberly Guysick says:

    Dumping them is also animal cruelty!

  2. masayuki tanaka says:

    Why do this parasites kill these cats? Are they infidels?

  3. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    I’m surprised that this type of behavior is being tolerated in your country. You must use the power you hold to stop this barbaric practice. The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth too and they must have our protection against those that would torture and murder them. Not one living creature on this planet deserves this type of treatment. Not one…

  4. I am staying in Abu Dhabi in a few weeks and if this is how your countrymen behave it will certainly be the one and only time I visit your country or use Ethiad airline. Show you are a benevolent ruler and outlaw this practice please….


  6. that’s the very last – cursed animal torturers
    everything you sow that shall you reap¨

  7. sandra mason says:

    no matter how hard good people try… this world just keeps getting increasingly nasty.

  8. What kind of society would allow such idiotic & monstrous behavior towards cats & dogs — where is your RATIONALITY? — where are your MORALS? — where is your COMPASSION? — think of the suffering these animals undergo owing to such sadistic hate — ARREST these idiot-monsters for a lengthy term along with slapping them with a hefty fine — in this way, we will NEVER have repeats of such horrific abuse & crimes against animals — UAE is a wealthy & rich country in many ways — use your wonderful resources to do GOOD — set up animals sanctuaries to heal & hold these beautiful animals eventually looking to adopting them out into loving situations — these animals NEED your intervention to live happily & comfortably — they rely on the goodness of humans — DO THE RIGHT THING — punish & hold accountable the mentally unstable idiots who bring death & misery to our society! — SHAME ON THOSE WHO TURN A BLIND EYE & DO NOTHING!

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