Urge Online Clothing Company to Stop Selling Real Leather


Target: La Redoute CEO, Nathalie Balla

Goal: Stop online clothing and home decor company from selling items made from cows’ skin and urge them to make a full switch towards faux-leather alternatives.

A recent investigation by PETA, focused on how leather is produced, allegedly revealed emaciated cows with open wounds, broken tails, and eye infections being improperly stunned before slaughter. Footage even revealed one cow being skinned alive. While most people may believe that leather is simply a by-product of the meat industry and would go to waste if not turned into clothing or other items, in most cases, this is simply not true. Cows in Bangladesh, China, and India, among other places, are often solely slaughtered for their hides. Moreover, this industry forces child workers to use sharp knives, dangerous machinery, and harmful chemicals that cause skin diseases and even cancer.

La Redoute is a French mail order clothes and home decor company and website that operates in 26 countries, including the United States. Its clothing collection features items made out of real leather, i.e. the hides of cows that have been abused and slaughtered in the name of fashion. The company also actively promotes leather, recently sending out an advertisement email specifically encouraging buyers to purchase clothing made out of cows’ skin. This is made more incomprehensible by the fact that the La Redoute collections also feature a large number of items made out of imitation-leather. Faux-leather skirts and jackets look just like the “real thing,” yet do not cause the suffering and death of innocent cows.

With this in mind, why does La Redoute continue to manufacture and sell items made of leather? With investigations surfacing and the general public’s increasing concern for animals, it is shameful that this corporation is still profiting from the hides of slaughtered cows. Sign this petition and urge La Redoute to drop real leather from its collections and make the switch towards cruelty-free faux-leather alternatives.


Dear Ms. Balla,

Your company continues to sell clothing items made from real leather, despite also featuring a number of very similar products made out of convincing imitation-leather alternatives. A recent investigation into the leather industry led by PETA allegedly revealed emaciated cows with open wounds, broken tails, and eye infections being improperly stunned before slaughter. One particular video apparently showed a cow being skinned alive. No matter where it is sourced from, leather production is a cruel business, which also often exposes child workers to sharp machinery and harmful chemicals.

Considering that consumers are increasingly drawn to ethical companies that do not profit from the mistreatment of animals, it is perplexing that La Redoute continues to manufacture and sell the hides of cows slaughtered in the name of fashion. Please change your mentality to protect the fate of these innocent animals. I urge you to drop real leather from your collections and switch to faux-leather alternatives instead.


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  1. I thought the cow looked like it was starved. Who ever owns these cattle should be punished for starving their cattle

    • These countries couldn’t care less about humans let alone animals. Money is all they see in these poor animals & I doubt whether they would get any water as well. If there wasn’t a demand there wouldn’t be a need to supply that’s the sad part, people are so ignorant. It’s always up to the animal lovers of this world to be outraged & try to get these hellholes shut down.

  2. STOP THE ABUSE & SLAUGHTER OF ANIMALS FOR THEIR PARTS — LET THEM LIVE — THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO LIVE == we have alternative materials — many, I may add, on the market, “faux” including materials NOT from animals — let’s go down this path, instead — LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE TO LIVE THEIR LIVES!

  3. Whomever owns this cow should be in JAIL for animal abuse!!!

  4. NO ONE ought to be buying ANYTHING made from the skin, fur, or feathers of killed animals, period. THAT’s the way to dry up this barbaric marketplace. So if La Redoute won’t change their indiffernt ways, the CONSUMER has ALL the power to force them into compliance of a benevolent value system! Let’s stop handing this power over to all these crappy companies. (and make DARN sure any “faux” products really ARE fake before you purchase)

  5. Cecily Colloby says:

    Shame on you, La Redoute! You are every bit as guilty of cruelty as those who torture and kill these poor animals for their skin. Don’t expect me to EVER buy from you.

  6. Natasha polychuk says:

    assholes wear leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. How about a petition so peta will stop killing animals too.

  8. How right you all are. Are we still living in the Caveman era, because we do have warm, classy NON ANIMAL choices. Whether for clothing, footwear, food, cosmetics, we have EXCEPTIONAL CHOICES without skinning & murdering an animal. There are more depictions of animals who ARE malnourished, sick & abused. WE THE CONSUMER can just say NO. I do not TRUST clothing & food from China, Viet Nam & other countries who deem animals as WASTE PRODUCTS without feelings. Check your shoes, tassels, & trims. YOU MAYBE WEARING A DOG OR A CAT. Especially UGG BOOTS.

  9. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Ms. Balla – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth and they should have the right to their own lives, their own families and their own freedom. If you think this situation is morally correct, you shouldn’t be occupying the position you hold. Not one living creature deserves this kind of treatmnt. Not one…

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