Prosecute Professional Fighter Who Allegedly Beat Puppy for Two Hours

Target: Fresno County District Attorney, Lisa A. Smittcamp

Goal: Seek maximum punishment for MMA fighter Fidel Manzano Jr. for allegedly beating his puppy for two hours.

Kingsburg MMA fighter, Fidel Manzano Jr. was arrested for allegedly going into a violent, two-hour-long rampage on his puppy named Chokaly when he arrived home to find it crying. Manzano allegedly threw the dog repeatedly into a washing machine and family members were allegedly too afraid of him to report the abuse when it happened, but took it to the veterinarian to find the dog had a broken jaw, brain swelling, severe damage to the hind legs, and numerous abrasions and contusions.

This man appears to have a severe anger and violence problem and if the allegations are true, then he’s dangerous. A man who viciously abuses innocent animals like this is a disgrace and should be fully punished for his disgusting alleged animal cruelty.


Dear Fresno County District Attorney, Lisa A. Smittcamp,

It’s come to our attention that MMA fighter Fidel Manzano allegedly beat his puppy for two hours, breaking the innocent animal’s jaw and causing her to have brain swelling and severe leg damage.

His own family was reportedly too fearful of him to even report the abuse. It seems this is a very violent, dangerous man and anyone who abuses innocent animals like this should not walk free. We urge you to vigorously prosecute this allegedly violent animal abuser.


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Photo credit: Fresno Police Department

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  1. Clearly for the horrific sadistic attack on a helpless puppy – F.M. Jr should be incarcerated for his heinous crime. Further he should be permanently banned from owning or working with any animal in the future. Jr.will find there are many dog loving inmates serving time alongside him. Equally many dog loving guards and prison staff. He will not have an easy stay in prison. Quite the opposite. Justice will be served. One way or the other.

  2. This person is a danger to all other animals. This poor little puppy should never been the target for this man to take on his violent anger. The life of the puppy if still alive has been damaged for life. This is despicable that a man like this is forgiven. He is a danger to hurting others and animals in the future.

  3. A gun and a bullet would have stopped this gutless asshole. What will it take for our judges and country to end this abuse. Our legal system will draw this crap out and say that his father beat him and he had a hard childhood. Just put this useless sociopath away.

  4. Natasha polychuk says:

    put this punk asshole in jail

  5. rennie j provencher says:

    this gump-faced,snaggle toothed, slack-jawed mud sucking troll should be given the same treatment that what he gave the innocent little puppy, 2 hours of beating and throwing into the washing machine then have the famiy then call the police to help him. he should be given the death sentence for the horrible crime that he caused. the family needs to be held responsible too for letting it go on for 2 hours until he passed out from the alcohol. i dont buy the excuses that no one had a cell phone or couldnt have climbed out of a window to go for help, if they are that afraid of him then move out or get a restraining order against this pos lunatic. but i did hear that chief dadian is going to let the family have the dog back after all the trauma that this poor little thing suffered. this famiy has 3 other dogs at home besides the injured one; these pos should not ever be allowed to ever own another dog,cat or even a pet rock since they have proven that they arent capable of responsible pet ownership. i run a rescue shelter for innocents such as this and have seen a lot of injuries to dogs that make me sick to my stomach, this family will probably bail out this moron and let him beat the dog(s) to death just like he beat this one and then what are they going to say to that. more lame excuses of why they couldnt(no cell phone,pogo stick doesnt work,sending up flares) maybe CPS should be called and the family should be checked out from a**hole to appetite to make sure that the kids are safe enough with that monster around, who knows when he will turn on them when he gets done with the family dogs

  6. debra goldstein lustig says:

    This is an outrage.Prosecute this animal abuser and throw the key away. I pray someone beats this scumbag for 2 hours and finish the job….. kill the mother f**ker.

  7. I pray & hope Chokaly is doing well and, at present, in a loving & caring home — Mr. Fidel has serious mental issues — throw him into a rubber room! — Why is he still freely walking around! — Where are the authorities to do the right thing! — Lock the idiot-monster up before he violently abuses again! — Only MONSTERS could engage in such cruelty — WHY is this horror being accepted by society! — We all KNOW that animals are beautiful, innocent, vulnerable, emotional beings — AND THIS IS WHAT Mr. Fidel is doing TO THEM! — Mr. Fidel belongs in prison — he’s a danger to all that is good, innocent and vulnerable.

  8. Kill the brain dead pussy! Must of gotten hit in the head too many times the ugly cunt. After a whole prison rapes him then put a bullet between his ugly eyes!

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