Free Activist Who Gave Water to Dying Pigs


Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minster of Canada

Goal: Free the activist who gave water to slaughter-bound pigs.

Anita Krajnc faces up to 10 years in prison for giving water to dying pigs. Her kind offerings are the only comfort the pigs receive before they face an inhumane death behind slaughterhouse doors. Urge Prime Minster Justin Trudeau to stand behind Krajnc and encourage the Ontario Court of Justice to drop the charges.

As a co-founder of Toronto Pig Save, Krajnc participates in daily vigils outside of a local slaughterhouse. The area has come to be known as “Pig Island.” Every day, truckloads of pigs pass through these roads on their way to slaughter. They are crammed into a small metal truck bed and exposed to the elements without consideration of their comfort. The pigs are denied food and water during these transports and suffer in the hot sun. On especially hot days, Krajnc gives water to the thirsty pigs. When the Van Boekel Hog Farms’ slaughterhouse truck stopped, Krajnc saw the pigs suffering and took action. Unfortunately, the truck driver did not approve and filed a police report that same afternoon.

Now, Krajnc faces a criminal mischief charge that carries a $5,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. This is unacceptable. Sign below to demand that Prime Minster Trudeau stand behind this compassionate activist and encourage the dropping of all of her charges.


Dear Prime Minster Trudeau,

Anita Krajnc is facing up to 10 years in prison for her compassionate care of animals. Her only crime is giving water to a truckload of pigs on their way to slaughter. We demand that you stand in support of Krajnc and encourage the Ontario Court of Justice to drop the charges.

Krajnc is a co-founder of Toronto Pig Save. This organization stands vigil outside of slaughterhouses and comforts the animals before they go to their deaths. Pigs arrive in large metal trucks and are exposed to the hot summers and freezing winters. They are not provided with water or food during this journey. If not for Krajnc and her fellow activists, the pigs would be deprived of these small comforts before their inhumane death behind the slaughterhouse doors.

Compassion should not be rewarded with a prison sentence. We demand that you stand behind Anita Krajnc and encourage the Ontario Court of Justice to drop the charges.


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Photo Credit: JasonGillman

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  1. Because Canada does not have enough blood on their hands with bashing baby seals in the head.

  2. I’m signing this on behalf of my pet pig…. cedrick..the thought of him in this plight makes me cry, pigs are so unfairly described, as though they don’t deserve the mention of being alive. Anita Krajnic is a heroine in our books, so Mr Trudeau, please, drop any charges against a woman with compassion and a heart, and I hope the complaining truck driver finds himself in a situation with no water, and then thinks of alllll those pigs he made suffer. Yours most sincerely, Carole and Cedrick McDonald

  3. Cecily Colloby says:

    Elmillia-whoever you are, may you choke on your bacon burger….

  4. Put in prison the true criminals. Not people who have a golden heart and who try to help some poor animals.

    Some people simply need to realize that they won t be in Earth forever and that they are not God …. speechless and outrageous

  5. sandra mason says:

    this is absolutely beyond belief. those animals received what was probably the only act of kindness in their sad, short, brutal lives. and it only lasted a few minutes. the person prosecuting her should be profoundly ashamed of himself.

  6. They shud lock up the pig transport driver, the pig farmers and the slaughterhouse owners, not this lady. She should get a medal

  7. Anita Krajnc is doing what is right – she should be rewarded – if anyone deserves to be heavily fined and thrown into prison, it’s the idiot-truck driver along with the monster-owner of the pigs – who are irrational, merciless, sadistic, cruel & unconscionable — I WOULD NEVER SUPPORT THIS IMMORALLY SADISTIC and BRUTAL FARM — pigs should be treated with care & respect — they should be happy, healthy & comfortable 24/7 — Anita Krajnc ALWAYS does the right thing by these pigs — commendation & appreciation are in order — PLEASE DROP THESE ridiculously hollow and insane CHARGES! — THEY DO NOT APPLY TO Anita Krajnc — who is rational, moral, compassionate and of good moral character. — DOING WHAT IS RIGHT is warranted in this case : ARREST the DRIVER and OWNER OF THE PIGS — THROW THEM IN JAIL for a lengthy period of time – FINE THEM HEAVILY — CLOSE DOWN THEIR HORRIFIC hell-hole of a FARM — transfer the pigs to a farm Sanctuary.

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