Stop Animal Cruelty at Holiday Attraction

Sad Caged Monkey

Target: Santa’s Enchanted Forest owner Brian Shechtman

Goal: Free the animals exploited for entertainment at Santa’s Enchanted Forest to reputable sanctuaries.

Tigers, sea lions, ponies, and a monkey are some of the animals imprisoned and forced to perform for human entertainment at a popular holiday attraction in Miami called Santa’s Enchanted Forest. The attraction cages multiple endangered tigers for a tiger show, forces sea lions to perform tricks reminiscent of SeaWorld shows, and makes ponies walk for hours on end while chained to a metal apparatus that makes the “live carousel” operate. A monkey was also allegedly seen picking up garbage from the ground.

Guests at Santa’s Enchanted Forest have observed sea lions who are forced to live in what amounts to an above-ground pool and a monkey chained to a pole. The attraction has also been accused of using cruel beatings and intimidation methods during training. This is hardly in keeping with the holiday spirit.

The public is starting to turn against the use of animals for human entertainment, and for good reason. Animals like these who are kept in cramped conditions that are nothing like their natural environments experience serious stress and psychological problems, evidenced by odd behaviors like constant pacing and compulsive chewing. On top of this, they have to endure constant noise, stares, and touching from humans.

Many children are brought to Santa’s Enchanted Forest and see these animals being confined and exploited, which teaches them that this type of treatment is OK–even endorsed by Santa Claus. It’s time to put an end to this cruelty. Sign our petition to demand that all animals kept by this attraction are released to reputable animal sanctuaries and that no animals are even used for human entertainment there again.


Dear Mr. Shechtman,

It’s come to my attention that you use animal shows and labor in your Santa’s Enchanted Forest attraction in Miami. Your customers have reportedly witnessed ponies being forced to pull a live carousel around for hours, tigers and sea lions being made to perform for human entertainment, and a monkey who is chained to a pole and exposed to trash.

Making animals suffer for entertainment and profit is hardly in keeping with the holiday spirit. It’s completely immoral and you’re exposing children to the idea that exploiting animals is acceptable. More and more of your customers are coming to realize how horrible these environments are for animals and how much they must suffer. If you don’t change something soon, you could begin to see a serious loss in profits.

Whether you do so to protect your profits or out of sympathy for the animals that are suffering, I implore you to release the creatures belonging to Santa’s Enchanted Forest to reputable sanctuaries so that they may live in appropriate environments and experience some level of peace and happiness for the rest of their lives. These animals have done enough for you. Please stop making them suffer.


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Photo credit: Александр Осипов

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  1. And what’s wrong with the brain-dead/heart-dead PARENTS who TAKE their kids to exploitative venues like these??? If not for THEM, such places wouldn’t even be in existence. Stupid, f’in humans whose rightful SHAME gene seems to be inoperational!

  2. DO NOT go to these attractions especially with children… Sad and scary for kids… I remember my first circus so frightning and sad. Been hoping to change the status quo since… Wild animals ..all animals deserve to b free. Once people know better they do better.

  3. Dawn Pettinger says:

    These morons for parents do not educate there children, that wild animals belong in there natural environment, and should not be imprisoned for money making entertainment . These people make me sick. They have no compassion or morals. They don’t consider the suffering these poor animals go through just to please them. Have you noticed how America seems to be the leaders in the world for cruelty and abuse, and killing wildlife for pleasure.


  5. Natasha polychuk says:

    morons should not give birth!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Wendy Morrison says:

    This owner should be force to release these animals from having to perform and from his ownership too. Chain this owner to a pole and make walk for endless hours without rest just like he is making these innocent defenseless animals do!

  7. anita culling says:

    Cruel. Free these poor nimals to a sanctuary now!!!!!!

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