Don’t Kill Cats Living in Managed Colonies

Feral Cat

Target: Walmart CEO Carl Douglas McMillon

Goal: Stop plans to trap and kill all the cats living in a managed feral cat colony located next to a Walmart store.

Walmart is discussing plans to trap and euthanize an entire feral cat colony that has been established for three years in a green area next to the parking lot of one of their stores. This colony in Boerne, Texas has been actively managed by volunteers, and all of the cats have been vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Instead of letting these harmless cats live or simply trying to relocate them, Walmart is going for the extermination route.

Not only is this unnecessarily cruel, it won’t work. Exterminating cat colonies has proven to be ineffective time and time again. If an area is ideal for a colony, new cats will always move in if others are removed. The only thing that can be done is to “manage” the colony with vaccinations and ensuring that the feral cats can’t breed. As long as they’re vaccinated and left alone, feral cats will not hurt humans and will in fact keep the pest population under control.

Animal activists are currently fighting with Walmart as it’s in talks with a cruel trap-and-euthanize company. Walmart has done some terrible things, but surely they don’t want to be known as the company that perpetually murders cats. Sign our petition to urge the corporation to see reason and support the management of this cat colony rather than killing them all for imagined convenience.


Dear Mr McMillon,

A Walmart center in Boerne, Texas is currently discussing plans to exterminate a feral cat colony located next to its parking lot with a cruel trap-and-euthanize company. This colony has been established and managed by humans for three years, and no harm has come to anyone as a result of its existence. The cats are all vaccinated and spayed or neutered, which is the only effective way to deal with a feral cat colony.

Exterminating these colonies does not work. Once the cats are cleared out, it creates a vacuum effect, and more wild cats will simply take over. Do you really want to be the company that murders innocent cats over and over every time they move in? Cats that are vaccinated against rabies are no threat to humans and there is no reason to cruelly exterminate them just for living near one of your stores.

These cats do not deserve to die. There are plenty of other solutions to any problems the cats might cause, the most effective being the management that has already been ongoing. You could even trap and relocate the cats, then pave over the area they’ve been living in. Do not damage your public reputation further by murdering innocent cats just because you view them as an inconvenience. The animal rights community will not stand for it.


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Photo credit: Beverley Goodwin

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  1. Janice Greenberg says:

    This is an issue for nearly every Walmart I have ever visited. I personally catnapped 4 newborn kittens out of an empty flower pot and their mom. Took them home with me, fostered them and got them adopted. Mom got neutered, vaccinated and returned back to the garden center as she was feral. This particular Walmart was not working with any groups, although they assured me they were handling the I problem. They saw me as an outsider, and I was just trying to help.
    The Walmart in Texas with the ‘managed’colony should be very grateful for the volunteer help and probable county funds to keep their cats healthy and able to catch all the rodents and snakes that are the REAL threat to their business. Sometimes, corporate and management brains are so closed to the big picture, they are unable THINK. Sad…

  2. I’ve hated Walmart most of their years in existence, for a great many reasons. They are authoritarian and abusive, run by sociopaths.

    What in the hell is wrong with these insensitive, inhumane idiots?! The colony of cats is well-managed and taken care of by volunteers. They are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. They take care of rodents in the area.

    These cats are innocent and harmless and there because of negligent humans. Killing them is stupid and incredibly cruel.

    Walmart doesn’t care about which barbaric factory farm it uses for its food sources, how it unfairly uses and abuses its employees, how it dictates and threatens conditions to merchants, etc. They don’t care about anyone or anything, except for huge profits!

    It would be nice if just for once, Walmart could show some humanity and decency, and intelligence, at the same time!

    Leave the cats alone!!

  3. You touch one hair on one of those cats, and I will NEVER buy anything from walmart again.
    I have been buying ALL of my cat food from walmart for years,
    at an average of $55 a month, plus, other misc items.
    You WILL lose my business if ONE of those cats are harmed.
    We have a trap/neuter/release in our town now and I feed the ones that come to my back porch, plus, I rescue cats.


  4. Patricia Dumais says:

    Leave them cats alone!

  5. I live in the most cat hating town in the whole state, Byram, MS. I TNR/shots, feed several colonies of cats. I have had the police threaten to arrest me, I am followed, harassed, given tickets instigated by a horrible grocery store called Vowel’s Marketplace and the horrible manager Mark Paige. The mayor, Richard White backs all they do because he hates them, too. I wish I had the money to leave this hellhole and catch the cats and take them with me. The awful dogcatcher catches them and takes them to the local high kill shelter knowing they are all fixed. His name is Dusty Richardson and loves being cruel to animals. I hate this town…..

    • Danette Zachary says:

      I am so glad the cats have a good, wonderful person like you to look after them. Sounds like there are some real assholes there. Keep on fighting the good fight. You are doing the right thing. You are a hero!! Don’t forget to take care of yourself too. I hope you can find an ally or two for support.


    Walmart’s plan is not only sadistic, cruel, immoral, merciless, unconscionable & irrational, IT ALSO DOES NOT WORK! ==

    Visit Alley Cat Allies for further education & enlightenment regarding outdoor free-roaming cats.

    Chances are high that the cats are probably bringing in more customers due to their wonderful presence.

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